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Army Wars Defense 2 is a spinoff of the Army Wars Defense which acquired a favorable reputation. Army Wars Defense was nominated in the New and Noteworthy and Whats hot in iTunes store.

Army Was Defense 2 does not only keep the strength the Army Was Defense has, but also becomes more Dynamic, faster, and more tactical than the previous one.


- Online multiplayer via game center with Voice Chat option
- Supports the online multiplay via the Game Center on Wi-Fi or 3G network.
- Supports the multiplayer mode with neighboring friends on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
- Game Center leaderboards
- Retina display
- Universal app : Supports for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

- CAMPAIGN MODE: Two teams. 100 stages per team
- ENDLESS MODE: In this game mode, the goal is to gain the best score until youre defeated by the enemy.
- 56 diverse combat units. Each unit can be upgraded up to level 10
- 13 unique skills. Each skill can be upgraded up to level 10
- 10 maps with various size of the battle field
- Retro style graphic
- optimized interface with Touch & Drag
- Fantastic soundFX and BGM

lucia han's comments:

I'm Lucia han, a developer of this game
So happy to announce the update of Army Wars Defense 2!

Army Wars Defense 2 was updated to 1.1.0, Now supports 'Fight request system'!
'Fight request system' is that online challengers can appear in the campaign mode when set to on the Fight Request button.
And displays challenger's name in Multiplayer mode.

'Army Wars Defense 2: Multiplayer Only' is also available in the App store,
It's free (Link:http://bit.ly/ufxrTi)

Thank you!

Youtube link | Pop Up

Youtube link | Pop Up

10-28-2011, 08:10 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Location: Sydney
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Why does both armies share the same funds but not the upgrades??? It's kinda expensive to upgrade one army but only to do the same thing again with the other. Also, does the upgrades work on endless levels?

Currently, I don't see any point in playing as the second army, as I would expect it to be the exact same game played from the different side.

I also particularily dislike how upgrade costs DOUBLE for every subsequent upgrade. It's highly disproportional to the benefit offered by the upgrade and leads to intense grinding and/or IAP at higher levels & difficulties.
Other than the pretty standard set of currency related criticisms, this game does stand out from the already too crowded castle defense type games.

The action is a lot faster than games of its type.
You do gain funds periodically which can be upgraded, and 120% funds for value of units you destroy. This significantly speeds up the overall gameplay by directly injecting funds for both sides via destruction so more units can be spawn. This circulatory cycle of destruction and fund injection ultimately benefits the game in providing an intense battlefield and tight experience.

So yeah, I'm actually loving the gameplay. However, the amount of funds you get from completing levels will never be enough to keep up with unit and ability upgrade costs so be warned, grinding and/or IAP will be necessary. As mentioned, no upgrades carry over but the currency is shared between armies so this can end up being one hell of a grind intensive/expensive game to play.

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10-29-2011, 03:22 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Location: Sydney
Posts: 2,556
Wait! I hate this company now.

As of this and Finger Shot RPG, both games use units that you can equip to bring into battle and after prolonged playtime, the game freaking locks you from using a specific unit for anywhere between 1 minute and 2:30 hours unless you pay a price. In this game, it's premium currency which is earned very slowly.

Now, why don't you sadistic bastards remove this feature so hardcore gamers who want to play the game for as long as they want in a session can enjoy the game without having to unreasonably wait or pay for IAP?