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App description: [NEWS]

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** Update NEWS **
1. "New Combat System"
2. "Leader board"
3. "New tutorial"
4. "Additional Cut-scene"
5. "Localization" (English, Korean)

Let's become a blacksmith and sell Medieval arms! Iron Master!!
Level goes up, growing the numbers of weapons & various customers.
Solve the given quest & get a prize!!


- 4th Step Shop Expansion.
- 120 types of weapons Production.
- Various Customers & Quest.
- Upgrading the Workshop & Shop.

Game Focus
-for sell weapons quickly, let's get more worktable.
-level goes up, you can make more weapons. & you can make more profit.
-more work table, you can make a plenty of weapons at the sametime!!

a variety of Medieval weapons and armors are in my hands!!
Create a variety Weapons, Become a merchant of the best!

strivemind's comments:

A simplified version of the Japanese Nintendo DS release Iron Master: The Legendary Blacksmith

Comparatively, there is no active 3D crafting minigames, and far less interaction with individual customers. The whole release feels very simplified compared to the original, but is still a fun little item shop management game (think Recettear, but with no adventuring or haggling).

There is an ad in the game on the main shop and workshop screens, but it doesn't affect gameplay.

I've found an IAP for upgrading your store, but I'm not sure how exactly that works, since your store seems to upgrade with experience anyways.
10-31-2011, 04:36 PM
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Hmm, cannot DL it with my iPad with iOS 5. Strange.... When I enter "Ironmaster" in the Appstore, it doesn't show up. When I use the appstore through iTunes on my PC I can DL it...

Edit: The link worked for me, but when I manually searched for the app, I couldn't find it.

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11-01-2011, 01:27 AM
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Initially interesting, though very boring and repetitive 'fast paced freemium' game.

In some ways, this can be described to be a very fast paced freemium game - you choose an item to craft, buy the required materials, wait (seconds), place item on shelf and repeat the process. The gameplay is thus very simple and requires no actual skill to play.

There's a large variety of products but in reality, there's no point in producing different products other than the most profitable one (highest profit per second item) because everything you display will sell in short order.

It also has nearly all the freemium ingredients: waiting time (albeit very short), simple and repetitive tasks, linear level based item progression and some IAP features.

I would have no problem recommending this game over all other freemiums out there for its significantly increased pace. However, the speed of gameplay also makes the tedium increase in proportional amounts which will no doubt bore even the most repetition-resistant players.
11-08-2011, 04:21 AM
Game Impressions

Barunsoncreative announce that they're preparing the NEW COMBAT SYSTEM for ironmaster. And Within a few weeks we can find a update on app-store. Maybe It will be more exciting after adding the battle mode..I think.

source : www.facebook.com/IRONmasteriOS
11-08-2011, 12:57 PM
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A combat system would be fantastic. I wonder how they'll handle it?
I would have even loved to see the "Cooking Mama"-style crafting minigames of the DS version.

If handled correctly, this could be the Recettear of iOS.

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