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App description: What do you get when you mix colors, shapes, high-speed sorting, and a diabolical 20 second timer? Sort This!

--- Features ---
* Simple Controls!
* Colorful Graphics!
* Rockin' Music!
* Fast, Addictive Gameplay!
* Unlimited Replay Value!
* Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down!
* Fun for All Ages!

--- How to Play ---
* Drag the shape in the center circle to the matching color zone.
* For every correct match, the score multiplier increases by 1. * For every miss, the score multiplier drops back to 0.
* You have 20 seconds to get the amount of matches needed per round.
* After every round, the amount of matches needed increases by 1.
* After every 4 rounds, you play a Bonus Round.

JeffreyShimane's comments:
Sort This! is a high-speed, puzzle game of sorting colors and shapes. Best of all, it's COMPLETELY FREE and available now on the App Store!

I hope you enjoy it! Happy sorting!

- Jeff

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11-02-2011, 01:12 AM
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I'm not sure what's wrong with the appinfo code I used but here's description/screenshots for Sort This!...

EDIT: Removed the description/screenshots I added since the appinfo code seems to be working correctly now.

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