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App description: Explodorum is a new and unique bomb blasting logic puzzle game that will relax and twist your mind in equal measure.

You'll find Explodorum a fun and gentle relaxation as you play through the tutorial and easy levels, but in later levels the difficulty ramps up to give a clever and deep challenge to test the brains of even the most adept of puzzle game fans.

Explodorum features:

- a brand new logic puzzle mechanic that encourages deep strategic thinking

- 50 levels for many hours of puzzling (will you ever complete them all?!)

- five tiers of difficulty, from the delightfully easy to *Nightmare mode*!

- touch and swipe bombs with your finger to snap them across the screen.

- pass bombs over triggers to activate them, but don't hit too many triggers or the bomb will explode!

- position a fully activated bomb on each target in the level to complete the puzzle.

- crisp and clean graphics and sound design with a simple elegance.

Gently tease your mind with the easy puzzles, then stretch your brain to breaking point in Nightmare tier. Explodorum will keep you addicted and transfixed long after you ought to put the game down as you go for just one more level!

** Note: This is the iPhone / Universal version of Explodorum. If you have an iPad you may prefer Explodorum HD.

GarnetGames's comments:
Hello there,

Previously only for iPad, I'm now happy to announce the iPhone/Universal version of Explodorum!

If you like Sokoban, ice sliding type puzzles, and logic puzzles in general you should like this game and its new gameplay mechanic.

Please give all feedback you can to help improve this and future games!

11-02-2011, 12:06 PM
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Hmm, it wasn't showing in the web store earlier, maybe I posted too early.. It's up there now though!

Here's a few promo codes to celebrate:


Please give some feedback on the game if you use one
11-11-2011, 05:37 AM
Joined: Oct 2011
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Explodorum LITE (free!)

Hello, the LITE version of Explodorum is now available!

This includes 20 levels completely free with no ads or anything!

--> Get it here!