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App Store Scam Apps

11-03-2011, 12:16 AM
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App Store Scam Apps

First, I want to say I've only published a single game (Foozle) on the app store, and it was quite an experience. I feel like my partner and I came up with a neat mechanic, and did it the best we could. It's gotten good reviews in iTunes so far, and even a 5 star review from appadvice.com. Foozle spent the first week in the top 200 for strategy and puzzle in the US, and even made it into the top 100 strategy games in Canada. Nothing spectacular, better than most I guess, but far short sales wise of what I figured a worst case scenario would be. I am continuing to market it, and am coming to market with a free scaled down version in the next few days so I hope things will improve.

Here's my gripe though...If you do a search for "Word Mole" they're currently ranked ~30 in strategy games in the app store. This isn't actually the word mole for Blackberry that you think. It's come guy who took a grainy pixelated screenshot of the blackberry screen, uploaded it to iTunes as an app, and is charging $2 for it. By my estimates, he's selling 100-150 apps a day, and has been for close to 2 weeks now.

I see this as a huge detriment to all developers. It turns people off from buying anything but the very top games when already the second page of a category has a scam title on it. As developers, is there anything we can do to get Apple to stop this behavior from it's developers other than getting the original trademark holders to sue? For other examples, search "Call to duty", and then almost any app published by the folks who make "Call to duty".

As a developer who is trying to put out high quality fun games in a highly competitive market, I find it insulting, and poor practice that Apple even allows these applications into the App Store. I don't plan to give up, but seeing that Aqeel Abbas of "Word Mole" has probably made 10 times as much as I have by putting in 3 hours of work and stealing someone else's name, it makes me wonder if we all might be doing it wrong...please, talk me down off the ledge
11-03-2011, 12:19 AM
FYI - There's a thread regarding misleading app store descriptions here: