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04-05-2012, 05:07 AM
Eldritch III Quest

Originally Posted by whitesun View Post
I am stuck in eldritch symbols III quest.

There are five eldritch symbol quests. What does this one say?

04-05-2012, 05:22 AM
New Update April/ May, New Item System, New Forum

Originally Posted by BjofCJ&Bj View Post
Ex: an rare sword might start as ( +Max Health +Blank ), still useful to your character. At the end the player could pick +Crit Power from the menu and it would become rare sword ( +Max Health +Crit Power), more useful and exactly what the player wanted.
( https://www.venan.com/boh_forum/view...php?f=11&t=149 )

Player Me: Time to stop buying items with gold shields and silver pieces
Researcher Me: Unless it is a totally insane epic item
our next release slated for the end of the month,
. . .
cool thing is the forum you're reading this on. We're hoping this will provide a better way to talk to you, our players, and for everyone to communicate with each other in general.

Player Me: Yay!
Researcher Me: Yay!
old equipment will continue to function just fine in this new system. This compatibility was a design requirement from the get go - we want to make sure people who spent a lot of time and/or money on a piece of equipment they like won't run the patch and find that their favorite equipment is now gone or doesn't work well.

Player Me: Yay!
Researcher Me: hmmm
So coming in 1.3, we'll be introducing Augment Gems, a new gem-based enchant system that
. . .
Their basic stats will change as they get better, but there will be no +Haste or +Dodge directly on the equipment anymore. Adding enchantments will now be done through gems that you find in the game and add to your items. For each basic stat e.g. Melee, Spell, Dodge, Haste, Health, etc. there will be a different gem that provides that particular bonus.

Researcher Me: Yay!
Player Me: Boo! game balance!
This bit is particularly important because the socket order is different based on the equipment slot that it is used in. Some may be Red-Blue-Yellow, others Yellow-Red-Blue, you get the idea.


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04-05-2012, 08:45 AM
Vanish rank 3 and Deadly Precision items (VenanBoHpostClass version 1.2)

-- >New Deadly Precision items (rare, +Crit, +Crit Power), and the new Vanish rank 3 (+50% Crit, +50% Crit Power), make Critical Hits a more attractive path for Shadow Walkers.
-- >Vanish rank 3 stacks with item enchantments +Crit & +Crit Power.
-- >It is recommended to get 5-8 Deadly Precision items.
-- >The more +Crit Power items you have, the *less* percentage the previous items give you.
-- >It is not worth getting single enchantment items with only +Crit or only +Crit Power.
-- >Each +Crit enchantment increases your chance for a critical hit.

The old Vanish would max out at +33% increase to average damage. So it was better to spend ability points increasing your Poison Cloud, Caltrop or Piercing Strike. But the new system lets you increase the damage from a critical hit.

Research Note: A Shadow Walker has 110% melee rating, 110% spell rating, 16% Crit rating, 150% Crit Power rating.

Even without a single item, Vanish rank 3 (+50% Crit & +50% Crit Power), increases your average damage by +66% ([110% x 100% x 34% + 110% x 200% x 66%] / 110%-100%). In combination with Deadly Precision items, it is possible to get all ten item slots with +Crit & +Crit Power. Not a great idea, but it is possible. (Typist's note: IT IS A GREAT IDEA. Unless you can get things "of Destruction" instead. But that's just me. I am all about the Smiting Things With Poison Instantly. Or faster.) Instead of a full set of 10, I suggest 5- 8 Deadly Precision items (see below "Crit Power- A Special Case").

Currently, with nine items (including 2 Deadly Precision), and Vanish rank 3, my Level 20 Shadow Walker has close to 75% chance of a critical hit and close to 275% damage with each critical hit, or an average damage increase of +131% ([110% x 100% x 25% + 110% x 275% x 75%] / 110%-100%). Each critical hit doing 302% base weapon damage (110% x 275%). Since this was for research purposes, I will be lowering the number of items in the future.

At Level 19, my wifes Shadow Walker, with ten items (including 6 Deadly Precision) and Vanish rank 3, had a 90% chance of a critical hit and 281% damage with each critical hit, or an average damage increase of +163%. At the time, her critical hits did 309% base weapon damage. In the future, she is likely to have less Deadly Precision items, since she is slowly replacing them with Destruction items (epic, +melee, +Crit, +Crit Power). (Typist's note: See? I told you it was a good idea.)

Crit Power- A Special Case

-- >Level 1 Justicars may want to consider buying Deathwing a Named weapon.
-- >Crit Power items are tricky. It is recommended that only Shadow Walkers with Vanish rank 3 buy them.

Level Change
Higher Level characters get less benefit from the same number of points than lower level (see links below for previous post on item enchantments). The change in the ratio from Level 19 to Level 20 is slight. 1,800 points at Level 19 equals 150%. 1,875 points is required at Level 20 for 150%.

Note: Deathwing is a Level 20 Named weapon usable by Level 1 characters, since its +Crit Power is constant, it is more powerful at Level 1 than at Level 20. Level 1 Justicars may want to keep this in mind. See links below for previous post on item enchantments including Named Weapons. (Comment: Who needs Vanish rank 3 when you get a critical hit with Level 20 damage. But even I have to admit critical hits with Deathwing at Level 1 are just adding a small insult to an already grievous injury). (Typist's note: bwah-ha-ha-ha-HAAAA!!)

Ability Change
Vanish rank 3 adds +50% to Crit Power no matter what your level or current Crit Power rating.
Shadow Walkers with Vanish rank 3 get the most use from items with +Crit Power. Other characters see a slight and unpredictable benefit.

Crit Power Items
The more +Crit Power items you acquire, the *less* effective each previous items becomes. Because of this, with zero items, a Level 20 Shadow Walker gets 1% Crit Power for every 12 points (150% and 1875 points). But with 4,769 points, the same character does not get 397% Crit Power, instead they get 227.17% or 1% Crit Power for every 21 points, almost half the starting ratio. So it is better to get 5- 8 items with +Crit Power enchantments, and use the other 2- 5 item slots for +Max Health or other enchantments (see links below for previous post on Tactics, Strategy, and Enchantments). A nice number to shoot for is 175%- 200% Crit Power which gives you 225%- 250% with Vanish rank 3. (Typist's note: "Less effective" - BUT STILL DANG COOL. And still effective, overall, for Smiting Things In One Fell Swoop.)

Deadly Precision items are recommended because A) +Crit does not help much if you have no +Crit Power, and B) the more enchantments an items has, the more powerful each individual enchantment. A single enchantment magic item has a lower +Crit Power than a double enchantment item. Ex: a Surging Leather Torso Armor (magic, +Crit Power) has a lower +Crit Power than a Healing Surge Leather Torso Armor (rare, +Max Health, +Crit Power). NOTE: This will NOT be true with the upcoming New Item System.

Level 19 Shadow Walker
Crit Power
1,800= 150% for 12= 1%
3,103= 186.19% for 16.6= 1%
4,745= 231.8% for 20= 1%

Level 20 Shadow Walker
Crit Power
1875= 150% for 12.5= 1%
3,206= 185.49% for 17.3= 1%
4,769= 227.17% for 21= 1%

Crit Latest Data:
Ability Change
Vanish rank 3 adds +50% to Crit no matter what your level or current Crit rating.

Item Change
Crit still increases 1% per X points as per previous versions.
If you change +Crit items, but not level, your ability goes up or down depending on the item you change.

Level 19 Shadow Walker
1,152= 16% for 72= 1%
2,096= 29.11% for 72= 1%
2,922= 40.58% for 72= 1%

Level 20 Shadow Walker
1200= 16% for 75= 1%
1,706= 22.74% for 75= 1%
2,276= 30.34% for 75= 1%

Links to Relevant Previous Posts:

Tactics, Strategy, and Enchantments ( http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...70#post2168370 ).

Item enchantments, including Haste Items and Named Weapons ( http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...29#post2104329 ).

Item enchantments ( http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...24#post2104324 ) ].

I have a weird problem, I am having trouble giving Venan money. My Level 20 Shadow Walker currently has a full set of ten ancestral Constitution items (gold shields, rare, +Max Health, +Defense) and a full set of ten Healing Surge/ Deadly Precision items (gold shields, rare, +Max Health +Crit Power/ +Crit +Crit Power). I would like to test some Aptitude items (gold shields, rare, +Dodge, +Crit Power). In addition, several interesting ancestral Epic items (gold shields, three enchantments) have popped up in Majerios Shop.

However, I am running out of space. Mostly because monsters keep dropping runes (6 slots), potions (4 slots), and items (1- 7 per dungeon). Before the new Vanish, I used to ignore +Crit enchantment items. Now I am collecting various +Crit Power items (Deadly Precision, Healing Surge, Aptitude, Destruction, etc.) Add the 6 new runes and 4 new potions (well, new for some of us), and 50 slots is feeling small.

I could spend more money on gold shields, if the item slots were increased to 80. It would also make PvP more interesting since characters could have different sets for different opponents.

Research Note: My Shadow Walker currently has 38 items (oops now 42), including 6 rune slots, 3 (now 2) potion slots, and 16 (now 21) rare items with +Crit Power.

All my characters have weird collections of items as I use them for research and testing. I like to check "Buy Back" under "Sell item" to make sure I have not sold something I was researching. This is hampered by each potion and rune I sell counting as a single item. I would like it if sold runes and potions stacked. For example, if the last item I sold to Majerio was a Purge rune, and I sold three more, it would take up 1 slot on the "Buy Back" list, but have 4 Purge runes listed. If I then sold a sword to Majerio, the next time I sold a Purge rune, it would start a new slot and a new stack. Even better would be a separate section "Used Potions and Runes". You could buy back up to 10 of each potion or rune after selling them to Majerio. It would be just like the "Buy Back" list, 10 items, but there would be a list for each potion and each rune, for 11 total lists.

A great solution would be to spend my silver pieces and purchase a dwelling, with 10 items slots, where I could store items that do not fit in my inventory. By spending more silver pieces, I could add additional slots. As long as I kept sending, the dwelling could keep growing.

Maybe armor stands in the hall to display my unused armor. Display cases on the wall for unused weapons. It would give me something to spend silver pieces on, but still encourage me to spend gold shields for items. It would even solve my problem with the "Buy Back" list.

It would be cool to have a trophy room in the dwelling with higher resolution pictures of all the monsters I have defeated.

Maybe clicking on a armor stand, weapon case or trophy room picture would give you the ability to purchase a digital print, or a signed print of the original art. If there was enough interest, you could even go produce a limited edition, high resolution, art prints on archival paper.

(Typist's Dream: Win the lottery. But I'm a simple critter who wants armored bunny slippers. Or, alternatively, $115,000,000 or so. Or 115 gold)

-BjofCJandBj (with alleged "assistance" by CJofCJandBj)

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04-05-2012, 08:47 AM
Vanish rank 3 and Deadly Precision items pt 2 (VenanBoHpostClass version 1.2)

See edited part 1

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04-14-2012, 04:40 AM
Dungeon Banking or 9- 10 Free Energy

From BoH Forums:

Originally Posted by BjofCJandBj
Originally Posted by Hai5
we can get an increase of energy from the existing Sigils that's available in Majerio's Shop
Using multiple characters and "Dungeon Banking or 9- 10 free energy" ( https://www.venan.com/boh_forum/view...php?f=13&t=179 ), you can play all day. Not the same character, but after a few months, it adds up.

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04-23-2012, 10:32 AM
Completing Daily Quests BoH v1.1

Book of Heroes version 1.1

for version 1.2 see next post

Completing Daily Quests:

__ Beasts- Isle of Nithus average 12
__ Demonic Rath'een- The Grieving Grove average 4.5
__ Gatekeepers- The Darkened Shore average 6.0
__ Ratheen- Ratheen Ridge or Infested Coast both *all Ratheen*
__ Skeletal Assassins- Hunter's Folly Dungeon ( average 3.5 ) or Isle of Nithus ( average 2.75 ).
__ Skeletal warriors- Hunter's Way 7-9 or Isle of Nithus( average 3 ) or Hunter's Folly Dungeon( average 2.5 ).
__ Waterlogged Corpse- The Darkened Shore ( average 4.25 ) or Helion's Pass ( average 3.75, all undead average 21.5 ) or The Grieving Glade ( average 3.75, some undead average 18.25 )
__ Undead- Helion's Pass *all undead* average 21.5 or The Grieving Glade average 18.25 or Nithland Bog

Creature Name ( number appearing in a group, default 1 ) number per run of 10 energy:

Fallow Fields, The ( 10x 1 energy ) Bandit ( 1-2 ) 7,9,7; Bandit Swordsman ( 1-2 ) 5,1,3; Feral Wolf ( 1-2 ) 1,3,3

Ghost Ship, The ( 10x 1 energy ) Demonweb Spider 4,4,4,4; Gatekeeper 4,4,5,4; Shade ( 1-3 ) 4,7,7,9; Skeletal Warrior 5,4,3,1; Potion-?,?, 1,1;

Grieving Glade, The ( 10x 1 energy ) Demonic Rath'een ( 1-3 ) 5,2,5,6; Necromancer 1,0,1,2; Shade 6,7,7,4; Waterlogged Corpse 5,4,4,2; Wraith ( 1-2 ) 4,8,7,5; Zombie ( 1-2 ) 2,0,2,4 = Undead 17,21,20,15

Helion's Pass *all undead* ( 10x 1 energy ) Shade ( 1-3 ) 6,5,5,9; Waterlogged Corpse ( 1-3 ) 4,5,3,3; Wraith 3,1,4,3; Zombie ( 1-2 ) 9,10,8,8; = Undead 22,21,20,23

Hunter's Folly Dungeon ( 1x 10 energy) Spider 4,3,4,5; Skeletal Assassins 4,2,5,3; Skeletal Warrior (1-2) 3,3,1,3; Assassins (1-3) 2,6,6,8 // Bandit Swordsmaster (1-2) 0,2,0,0; Bandit Transmuter 0,1,0,0; Bog Wraith 1,0,1,1; Dredge Corpse 0,2,1,1; = undead 8,7,8,8;

Hunter's Way ( 10x 1 energy ) Assassin ( 1-3 ) 9,6,0,3; Demonic Rath'een-5,3,5,5; Hellspawn Spider 2,1,2,2; Necromancer ( 2 ) 0,2,4,0; Skeletal Assassin 0,1,0,0; Skeletal Warrior ( 1-2 ) 7,7,9,9; = 8 average Skeletal Warrior

Isle of Nithus ( 10x 1 energy ) Gatekeeper 3,4,2,4; Hellhound ( 1-2 ) 6,7,7,7; Skeletal Assassin 3,2,2,4; Skeletal Warriors 2,3,4,3; Spider ( 1-2 ) 5,5,8,3; = Beasts 11,12,15,10

Darkened Shores, The ( 10x 1 energy ) Gatekeepers ( 1-2 ) 5,6,6,7; Necromancer 2,1,2,0; Shade ( 1-2) 4,9,4,0; Skeletal Assassin 3,0,2,3; Waterlogged Corpse 5,3,5,4;

Nitus Boglands ( 10x 1 energy ) Bog Wraith 5,5,4,5; Dredged Corpse ( 1-2 ) 3,7,8,8; Gatekeeper 3,1,2,2; Hellspawn Spider 4,5,3,3; Swamp Shade 8,4,6,3; = Undead 16,16,18,16

04-23-2012, 10:34 AM
Completing Daily Quests BoH v1.2

Book of Heroes version 1.2

Completing Daily Quests:

DEZ= Dungeon Encounter Zone

__ Beasts- Isle of Nithus
__ Demonic Rath'een- The Grieving Grove
__ Gatekeepers- The Darkened Shore
__ Ratheen- Ratheen Ridge or Infested Coast both *all Ratheen*
__ Skeletal Assassins- The Darkened Shore
__ Skeletal warriors- Hunter's Way
__ Snow Sentinels- Ice Dragons Lair DEZ (I avoid Vallus Tomb because of Snow Sentinels + Double Ice Wraiths)
__ Undead- Helion's Pass *all undead*
__ Vile Ratheen- Caves of the Fallen
__ Waterlogged Corpse- Helions Pass (rare Triple Waterlogged Corpse) or The Darkened Shore (many groups contain a Waterlogged Corpse)

Creature Name ( number appearing in a group, default 1 ) number per run of 10 energy:

The Darkened Shores- UPDATED when Dragonmoor ( 10x 1 energy ) Gatekeepers ( 1-2 ) 7,5,2,2; Necromancer 3,3,1,4; Shade 4,1,2,3; Skeletal Assassin ( 1-2 ) 2,5,10,5; Waterlogged Corpse 5,4,3,5; average Skeletal Assassin 5.5, average Waterlogged Corpse 4.25

For old frequency of creatures, see version 1.1 by going to ( http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...59#post2236259 )

04-28-2012, 05:28 PM
Lake Nithus Shard of Ironhaven

I'm having tons of trouble on the Lake Nithus Shard of Ironhaven. Right now, I have access to the Infested Coast, The Darkened Shores, the Isle of Nithus, Helion's Pass, The Grieving Glade, and The Ghost Ship. I've played about 20 times in all of them, and I haven't found anything other than runes and potions. I saw something about gatekeepers having the treasure maps, but I haven't gotten anything.. I also tried getting rid of all of my quests like someone else said, but that doesn't work either. HELP!!

04-28-2012, 09:50 PM
Quest: Amulet of Ironhaven, Nithus Shard

Originally Posted by phantom_006 View Post
I also tried getting rid of all of my quests like someone else said, but that doesn't work either. HELP!!
The previous person also had access to The Shallows and Nithus Boglands.

If you have zero quests, and you have not yet killed the Rotting Golem, you may need to go up a level.

You should also post on the Discussion section of the BoH Forums ( https://www.venan.com/boh_forum/viewforum.php?f=13 )

04-28-2012, 11:43 PM
Thanks. I'm only at level 15 currently, but I'll level up and see from there.

Thanks do much!!