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  • Publisher: Andy Pickering
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 11.5 MB
  • Version: 1.2
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: "Enemies are red
Friendlies are green
Energy runs out
If you don't touch the screen"

How poetic!

Dos Dedos gives you a slice of something different where your fingers are the hero! Touch the screen and the sparks start to fly; add a second finger and a beam of light shoots between them. Destroy the enemies with the beam but don't touch the friendlies or it will be 'Oh dear' time...

Old school tough and slightly surreal, it combines arcade action with timing puzzles. Completing all 100 levels and gaining the 'Pwnage' achievement will take some skill!

Complete level 5 to unlock the ultra competitive 'Rage Mode' - great for stress relief!

Complete level 10 to unlock the cheese! Dos Dedos with Extra Cheese 'skins' the game to feature new music, presentation and enemies...including birds! (We all like cutesy-wootsy birds...:-P). The garish wallpaper between levels even changes colour based on the time of day...!

WARNING - some modes of Dos Dedos contain flickering lights and strobe effects. If you have an epileptic condition or experience altered vision, muscle spasms or dizziness please discontinue use of this game.

TheGreenLlama's comments:

Hi guys -

Dos Dedos has just been released on the AppStore. It's a little bit different...I'm sure you've heard that before but I really had trouble fitting it into the AppStore categories! Part action, part timing puzzle, part psychedelic mind****! Touch the screen with 2 fingers and a beam of light shoots between them. Wipe out the red entities without touching the green ones...unless they get in your way.

Complete level 5 and you'll unlock the Rage Mode - a mini game where constant destruction is your goal. Great for stress relief when you're cheesed off with someone.

Talking of cheese...

Complete level 10 to unlock Dos Dedos with Extra Cheese - where the whole game gets skinned into a 'cutesy' style game. There's a story behind this:

When writing the game I decided on neon-style retro graphics. A couple of weeks in, I thought maybe I should change it to use some sort of cartoon graphics as a most games at the top of the AppStore charts feature 'cute' characters. I decided to 'keep it real' in the end and not follow the herd. Right on ! As a little bit of a poke at the state of the industry, I added the self-deprecating cheese-mode (including wallpaper inbetween levels that changes colour based on the time of day - woo!). It's even got birds in it...

If you're up for a major challenge and can cope with your mind being blended - check it out. Any reviews appreciated.


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AEE73JA39FWH, thanks.

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Used LHLEHTR7XJJE thanks.
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Used AJ3RJY6HP744...


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rjtxht73wfp7 taken!

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Thank you for L34NJPRPPXNR
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Game Impressions

OK, gave the game a try and I must say that I'm a little confused as to what I must do and was is going on.

First, after the launch intro, I found the main menu a little confusing. It's not really clear that I had to tap Dos Dedos to go to the level selection. I really didn't think I had to tap on what looked like a title before choosing a level.

In the first level, after dying 3 times in about 3 seconds, I decided to look at the "What is this" section. Now armed with more knowledge, I retried the first level only to die again but at least I managed to score some points now! But I still can't grasp everything of what is going on in a level. I find myself dying without really knowing what hapenned.

But after a little while of playing, it gets less confusing, and then it gets very very hard. Those moving green things that you musn't touch get to you quite fast while you are trying to destroy the red ones.

Anyway I really love the transitions and I also like the graphical style and presentation with the DOS style commands and everything. I think the game has lots of potential but it's just very hard to get into at first.

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Originally Posted by multimage View Post
OK, gave the game a try and I must say that I'm a little confused as to what I must do and was is going on.
multimage - thank you very much for the feedback! This is exactly the type of comment I was after.

The confusion - to an extent - is intentional, hence having the tutorial listed as 'What is this?' etc. It did divide the group of people who playtested it but at the end of the day 'artistic integrity' won I will certainly look at making the interface a bit more obvious though.

As for the difficulty, believe it or not this is actually a simplified version! I withdrew my original Apple submission after finding a couple of levels too difficult myself. Not impossible - just bordering on phone smashing territory. The game is supposed to be tough though - but I'll see what I can do.

Just a quick note about the enemies. The majority of the types of enemies don't follow a set path - they use a sort of pseudo AI, basically reacting to what is around them. So in some ways /they/ are to blame...!

Thanks again.

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