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iPhone: 7 Cities - Updated!

05-03-2009, 10:10 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
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7 Cities - Updated!


This update includes:
- New Icon (Looks really nice to me)
- Gem Cap back to 40
- Now has Online Leaderboards

I think having Online Leaderboards will be a pretty good addition.
05-03-2009, 10:14 PM
Joined: Mar 2009
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I am TD'ed out. I still need to beat Elemental monsters TD and Geo Defense so I doubt I will get this any time soon.

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05-03-2009, 10:15 PM
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Wow I love the new icon!

05-03-2009, 10:18 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
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Originally Posted by Seishu View Post
Wow I love the new icon!
Yea, I actually really like it too. I LOVED the old one, but I think I like this one even more.
05-03-2009, 10:21 PM
Joined: Apr 2009
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The new icon is great...the old one was cool, gut this one looks so much more professional. Anyway not exactly a dramatic update, but 7 Cities remains my personal favourite iPod tower defense game as it is.
05-03-2009, 11:24 PM
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I do like the new icon. Nearly enough to actually put it back on my iPhone and give it a better go. :/ Sorry - I never got around to playing it much, looked too deep.
05-03-2009, 11:27 PM
Joined: Oct 2008
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Sorry guys, the change list is just worded wrong for the high score table. All we did was reset the online high scores on the website and placed a new URL so that the scores are only for this version.

We did this update due to many emails and complaints about wanting the gem cap back, and also because of the new icon.

We are hard at work on our next game. We hope to give more news on that in a few weeks.