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App description: Gain status and influence all over the world as you battle your way to victory!

World Siege: Orc Defender is the first multiplayer, location-based, augmented reality 3D conquest game for iOS. Battle it out for neighborhoods, towns, cities, even countries simultaneously in real and virtual spaces!


Join players the world over as you find, conquer and defend keeps, strongholds and fortresses all over the world. Step into the real-world using your map or video camera, then enter a virtual fantasy world of orcs, imps, dragons and more!


Use the map to interact everywhere, or find portals directly via Orc Defender's augmented reality interface, using your device's camera. Challenge your friends and other players from all over the world, conquer keeps and then train your own orc warlords to defend your turf. Even take some action shots of you orcs!

* Strategically setup your own keeps anywhere: in the backyard, surrounding the house, at work, school or any of your favorite places on earth

* Conquer land and gain influence to earn bigger rewards, better in-game items and dominate leaderboards

* Collect loot and money to increase your influence worldwide and become more powerful

* Earn new weapons, shields, rings, spells, potions and more

* Experience a practically unlimited number of unique orc characters with Kineplay's InterEntity technology

* Play at your own pace in an active, real-time world

* Pose your Orcs, snap pics of them in the real world then upload to Facebook or email them to anyone

* Please note that augmented reality features require an iPad with a camera (iPad 2 and higher)

goiMot's comments:
iPhone version:

11-04-2011, 11:15 PM
Hmmm wonder why this version is $2.99 and the iPhone version is free with IAP. If that is full then I hope they transfer this model to the iPhone version as well. (or maybe this has IAP TOO and they are just not showing up yet)