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App description: Use your unlimited pumpkin harvest as ammunition in an attempt to suppress the approaching undead horde in this retro style arcade game. Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX features all new game modes, visuals and audio for some of the best bite-sized pixel fun you can have with a pumpkin!


*3 Game Modes

Classic - Get back to basics with the original ZHP mode. A retro style survival game complete with reworked gameplay, visuals and audio.

Carnage - Things are getting crazy on the freeway! Use special power pumpkins, launch special shots and get crazy combos in this manic arcade style mode.

Pick-up - Get shopping whilst the undead invade the store! Keep the zombies at bay with pumpkins and smart bombs whilst you collect a variety products for extra points.

*New Zombies : Tons of new pixelated zombies including the 'Chunks' who take a lot more stopping power than your average undead.

*New Music and Sound Effects : Get your headphones on and enjoy the new fantastic undead soundscape - now in stereo... you'll hear them coming!


The Basics:

- Touch the arrows to move left and right.
- You can collect pumpkins on either side of the screen.
- Press & hold the fire button to charge a throw, release this button to throw your pumpkin!
- The game will end if too many zombies touch you or get past you. Try to hold out for as long as possible!


Once you splat a zombie you will be given a few seconds on your combo timer to squash another one giving you even more points per squish!

To get bigger combos make sure you splat those zombies quickly and efficiently.

Different modes might also award you extra points for special shots and super combos!

Fast zombies will be slowed down by anything slowly shuffling in front of them. Use this to your advantage!

BaronVonMonster's comments:
Hi there!

We're Monster and Monster and we would like to present to the Touch Arcade Forums our first iOS release Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX! It's a bite-sized retro arcade style game and it's really just a taster of what's ahead -

We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed working on it and we look forward to bringing you some bigger, sleeker and more fully featured games / experiences VERY soon!

11-07-2011, 04:34 PM
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As an extra note we currently working on a chunky update which will see us overhaul the leaderboards to include Facebook integration allowing you to challenge and compare scores with friends as well as see scores from other gamers around the world.

We'll also tighten up a few bits and pieces as well as add a bunch of new zombies graphics too! Obviously this will need to get the thumbs up from Apple but we're hopeful it will be with you all very soon!

Until then here's a few promo-codes for those quick off the mark here at the Touch Arcade Forums!


11-07-2011, 04:55 PM
...Thanks for T33LEKPYAHPK. I`ll report back in a few Minutes when i am done with the HD Gameplay Trailer...

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Got 9JPWJPKTKN3E, all others were taken.

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11-07-2011, 06:20 PM
Game Impressions

11-07-2011, 06:48 PM
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Wouldn't have minded a code for this. :P

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11-08-2011, 03:33 AM
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Sorry nikhsterboi, as with most codes on this forum it was a first come first served.

Thanks to Sanuku and strivemind for letting people know which ones they grabbed though! Always really helpful on Touch Arcade when users make it known they've grabbed one!
11-08-2011, 12:27 PM
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Game Impressions

The core gameplay revolves around collecting a pumpkin on a side of the screen, and then launching it to take out incoming zombies. Chain your kills close enough in time to raise your score multiplier.
- Classic Mode is straight-up pumpkins vs zombies
- Carnage Mode adds flame and ice pumpkins, which affect a wide area. Flame destroys zombies in a big circle, and ice in a long cross.
- Pick-Up Mode adds picking up score-increasing items and screen-clearing bombs.

Graphics are a really great pixel-art style, with a nice variety of zombies and some environmental effects. I did notice some lag though on my 3GS, particularly in the last 2 modes.

Controls could use some work. Left and right buttons are on opposite sides of the screen, and a hold-for-distance fire button in the center. They don't feel very responsive, and you can't touch more than one thing at a time without having to lift your finger off first. This becomes especially annoying in Pick-Up mode, since you can't move and collect objects at the same time.
I would have much preferred a direct drag/move control, with either tap to shoot, or directly touching where you want the pumpkin to land.

Game Center is also a must for any future update, since currently there's no way to compare scores.

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