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Chapter 3. Deterioration of Conflict

You are on an ancient continent, where both God and the Devil lived long long ago. However, the Devil did evil tricks and high up in the Holy Mountain where God lived he cast an evil spell to put God into a deep sleep so he could rule the continent in darkness for thousands of years.
More than a hundred years ago all species on this continent united and formed a Holy Alliance against the dark rule of the Devil. A war ensued called The Glory Revolution lasting over 40 years. The Devil was defeated and the darkness ended 80 years ago freeing all species from the Devils govern. Decades of fighting, however, had brought this continent blood and death, and the Holy Alliance crumbled later. The survived evil army hide in the shadows, and soon the Holy Mountain began to revive itself. This angered the Devil and he began
It was said that a new Devil is now summoning his dark forces once again in an attempt to plot his revenge to the continent. Dark soldiers have been sent everywhere to spy on towns and their people taking them captive or manipulating them to his will. The people of the land are getting nervous.

King Karlman III, heir of the King Karlman who was the leader of Human Alliance in the Revolution age, summoned a unite conference of all kingdoms and demanded rebuild of Holy Alliance. However, the conference ended with no result thanks to his arrogance and stupidness. After that, each of the lords showed their ambitions wanting to control the future huge power. Wars began to commence for this title of leader of the new alliance.

Those human lords seemed to lose themselves in the eager to power and forgot whats more important. Elves from the forests decided to help this inferior race and keep their words that they will fight with human-being when the Devil returns.

Now the chase of power has become a serious conflict, lords with ambitions have formed many small allies and are eager to show their strength and win the power. War is coming, so are you.

egfriends's comments:

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11-12-2011, 08:00 AM
I can't make an account, always says invalid check-in credentials.

11-12-2011, 11:54 PM

Posts have been deleted from this thread because multiple accounts have been used to post feedback.
11-21-2011, 04:19 AM
Joined: Nov 2011
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System issue

The system is slow. I have to admit we are not quite prepared to handle thousands of game operation requests in one second.

Q1, the time that the update is delivered by Apple, we updated the system as well, but a mistake happened the the system going very slow, some of the players can't even log in.
This problem is solved within 2 hours.

Q2, then we thought things were going well, the system load balance going bad. Quite bad I had to admit. We used some tricky way to make it a little better, but it won't last.
it turns out the system can't rely on the tricky patch. The situation is not good, but I swear we are working on this problem for hours, and we are still there fighting.

Q3, new balance problem. As our players mentioned, the food and wood are going well while the time is not good, we noticed.
We are inviting a statistic designer to the game operation team and hopefully she can make all statistic stuff good.
11-22-2011, 05:42 AM
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System is back to live.

1. attacks. this is a little techie.
suppose the url address linking from game to the system is http://system.egfriends.com, like how you link to google on your browser via http://www.google.com, it's the interface for the game to connect to system. We found a lot of connections to http://fakesystem.egfriends.com which means some guys are trying really hard to find our little secret. That will hugely delay the system response because the system have to respond to each of those connections. Imagine there're millions of connections in one day.
Now the system will not respond to those fake interface.

2. Yes, there're problems in our system, or in our code more specifically. We have located them, and fixed them.

couple hours passed, and we can announce now, the system is back.
11-24-2011, 02:36 AM
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Special Offer for Touch Arcade

Heores Land is a fun and addictive massive multiplayer online game for iOS.
The game operation team has made a special offer that, users from Touch Arcade will get 10 free coins when his/her capital town reaches lvl10 if he/she put _toucharcade in the referral box when register his/her account. Do notice the referral name starts with underscore.

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Offer starts on today, ends on the last day of year 2011.

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12-12-2011, 10:52 AM
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Elves are involved in the war!

In the upcoming v1.2 update package, elves are involved in the war. New players can choose to play human or elf. Other players can register for a new account, too. If you can't register new account, don't worry, we will enable it in next update package.

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