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App description: Take flight in the skies of Machine City and help the younger Arreon perfect one of his earlier jetpack prototypes! Fly at blazing fast speeds in over 35 unique mini games. The Jetpack Tests take place 16 years after the Sundering but before Arreon becomes a Death Defyer. Arreon will roll, airplane dive, and dodge his way through dangerous obstacles in order to safely land on the floating islands in the sky. The Earth has changed but that doesn't stop Arreon from going after his dream. Skies the limit in this action packed game so strap on your jetpack and take flight in this fully 3D adventure in the air!

Play as young Arreon!!
Fly at speeds up to 300MPH (483KPH)
Fun Minigames!
Boost Rings / Speed Rings / Warp Tunnel
Extended Jetpack Activation Zones
Gas Clouds & Much More
Story Trailer!

*iPhone/iPad/iTouch Compatible!

If you like this game you'll love High Flyer Death Defyer HD for iPad 2 or the standard iPhone4 version of the game.

syntheticvoid's comments:

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I just got this, seems to run pretty well on my 4th Gen Touch... unlike their main game, HighFlyer DeathDefyer, it is not ONLY for iPad and iPhone 4/4S.

The controls are decent (better than I remember HFDD to be...) - probably because the main game had its controls worked with as well.
11-13-2011, 07:24 AM
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anyone care to give an impression on this?
11-13-2011, 07:41 AM
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there's 35 "levels" - I guess you could call em... but they're more like tutorial training missions...

got pretty tired of it after the 6th or 7th mission... they each take about 15-20 seconds to complete...

you can do them in any order (going from the 1st mission and jumping to the 35th one is doable...) - so I jumped around, just to see if I would hit a mission that lasted longer...

no luck.

I'd say save your $$, unless you REALLY enjoyed HighFlyer DeathDefyer and would like some extra training missions... or just want to support the devs.


should also mention that the collision detection is HORRIBLE

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