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App description: Imagine what would happen if you smashed Tetris and Bejewled together, and turned the cute factor up to 11. Welcome to Burger Joint.

Burger Joint is the story of Skip the Monkey - on an epic quest to see the big city, rescue his family, and flip the perfect burger in the process. Its also a whimsical arcade title that will keep players entertained addicted as they shoot for a high score, and take just one more try!

Watch carefully as ingredients fall from the top of the screen, and tap Skips plates to juggle toppings into just the right position. The higher you stack, the more points youll earn. Every level gives you access to more ingredients, so use your imagination and come up with the tastiest combinations possible.

Try out the games three unique modes: Eternal is a retro players best friend, Clean Up tests your quick fingers, and Order Up puts you against the clock to find the right burger. Either way, dont let the ingredients pile up, or Skips fired!

Arctic Empire is proud to host Burger Joint as one of the first iOS games on the massive Papaya social gaming network!

LudvickVonVangel's comments:
Hi everyone I just released an iPhone title called Burger Joint. We've only been out for over a week now, and looking to get the masses impressions.


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bump, I would really love some impressions.
11-15-2011, 10:47 AM
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Game Impressions

I just grabbed it as you can't beat the price ($0)!

What Do You Have Between the Buns?

The core gameplay of this game seems to revolve around three basic concepts:

1) Don't let any stack of ingredients go past that top line or it is game over.

2) Drop two identical ingredients on top of each other to eliminate both (a very important mechanic to clearing unwanted debris).

3) A bottom bun with some random ingredients stacked on it and then topped of with a top bun makes a burger.

Knowing these basic principles you then can pursue three different game modes:

1) Eternal: Just keep making as many burgers as you can until one stack gets to high. As you create more and more burgers the level will increase bringing faster dropping pieces as well as a greater variety of pieces.

2) Cleanup: The game starts with some random ingredients on the plates and you need to clean everything up. While this is mainly done by matching ingredients to eliminate them both, if making a few burgers helps clear the mess, go for it. Once the level is cleared you'll move onto the next even messier level to do it all over again.

3) Order Up: This would be a bit like Eternal except now you have specific burgers being requested that you'll need to make to clear the levels.

While I can't yet vouch for the specifics of Order Up (the one mode I haven't played yet), in the other two modes your points are based on either how many ingredients you included in your burger or, for many more points, if you managed to create one of the game's signature burgers (the order of the ingredients is meaningless, it simply matters if the burger is only made with this burger's specific number and type of ingredients).

The difficulty level you choose will affect your points (the higher the difficulty the more points you get for each burger), the speed of which the pieces drop, and the variety of pieces (there are more in the higher difficulties).


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