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iPad: Kokono - addictive math puzzle for iPad

11-17-2011, 11:57 AM
Kokono - addictive math puzzle for iPad

MeganeSoft is proud to announce our latest game, Kokono for iPad:

AppStore Link

Like Sudoku and other math puzzles? You’ll love Kokono for iPad!

Comments by our play testers:

"Wow. This is awesome!"
"It's like Sudoku crossed with a Rubik's Cube!"
"Difficult... but addictive!"


• Over 20 different game boards to choose from
• Random number assignments and solutions (no two games exactly alike)
• Create and play your own boards
• Multiple play modes, including Puzzle Mode
• Five different graphics themes
• Customizable panel positions and background colors
• Control music library from within game
• Supports all iPad orientations
• Training Mode and built-in Help Feature

How to play:

The board contains 81 tiles (9 rows and 9 columns). Touch tiles to change their sign, thus altering the sum of their rows and columns. When the sum equals the goal (your target), the row or column is solved. Solve every row and column to clear board.

Keep clearing boards to unlock additional game content (new boards, new themes, new game modes, etc).

Availability: Available Now!

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