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11-21-2011, 06:17 PM
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So my burning question... Is this basically a fremium time-management game?
11-21-2011, 07:09 PM
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Amazing game, and I have played (and deleted) most of the games in this category. Currently Crime City is the one I have spent most time and the only other one left on my phone, but I think this is the new champion. I have IAP disabled and I am currently level 90 in Crime City and extremely competitive against all but the biggest real money spenders. I hope this game will be the same way where a little time and attention is all you need to be competitive (I don't need to be the best in freemium games like this to have fun).


+Incredible graphics, best for a game of this type yet, so many great animations on your buildings, not a stagnant town like Crime City. In fact I think this is the best graphics in an iPhone strategy game
+Like Crime City, you build out your area graphically, but you have to manage housing, food, resource harvesting and much more
+Amazing campaign for a game of this type, great characters/back story/humor for quests
+Best combat in a resource management game yet, tactical turn based battle against other players

Now no one will confuse the combat portion for say, X-Com or Jagged Alliance, but it is way way ahead of games like Crime City where robbing someone's restaurant is just double tap on the building and wait for computer to calculate the result based on attack/defense stats.

I really really really would love to see resource management games spend more time on combat. There is no reason why this type of games can't have a real combat system and this is the best one yet! Allowing the players to do more things like take cover, move their units on battle field would add a lot more depth.


-Slow progression, may be too slow as most games of this type allows you to get to level 10 or so very very quickly, not so here, took me two days to get to level 7
-May be a little too complex (stone quarry) in the beginning, once you get used to it, it is amazing
-Combat system is good for a resource management game, but could give players more tactical choices like being able to move/cover their units. I would really like skill to play a bigger part in this, where a skilled player can beat a 100% army with a 90% army if he is really good at micro management
-Better UI refinements. It is really tedious to heal your units in hospital for example. I have four grunts that takes 2 minute each to heal, would be nice if I can heal the whole stack and come back later instead of one at a time.

Must play for any strategy fans! Probably the best strategy game on iPhone yet. No you can not dump a 3 hour playing session on it, but it is a mobile game, logging in every 6 hours or so for 10 minutes is sufficient, perfect bite sized gaming for me. There are other iOS games I can play if I need to spend 1 hour at a time which is a premium for a working adult with two kids. This type of games fits my life style perfectly and is incredibly satisfying.

I really hope like Crime City, this game makes a killing and weed out junk like World War, Mafia Wars Shakedown, iMobster, Global War, Kingdoms at War etc. Where your "base" is a collection of post cards and "combat" is just comparing two numbers. There is no doubt in my mind that resource management + base building + good combat system with great graphics will lead the way in both revenue and popularity.

You guys are at #37 on top grossing chart, nice job!

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11-24-2011, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by hitmantb View Post


... - May be a little too complex (stone quarry) in the beginning, once you get used to it, it is amazing
Totally agree with this. When I first had to place to quarry, I was like "umm, ookay..." But you're right: once you've played thru it after a day or so or maybe an hr if you're doing it in one sitting, the complexity curve comes down considerably. The only other type of games like this I play or have ever played are Tiny Tower and Smurfs' Village although I've never purchased (and don't plan to) Smurfberries to progress. I'm really surprised at how good this is. It's really fun to drop in 1-2x a day to see what's going on and how I'm progressing (which is kinda slow like you said compared to other games in this model).

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11-28-2011, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by leemik View Post
Well, This game seems right up my alley.. so I decided to give it a try.

The first impression I get is that it's rather buggy? I'm on an iPad2 iOS 5.0.1.. During that first "teach you how to control your troops" battle, the game restarted on me when I went to fire my cannon.. =/

Currently i'm at level 3 and stuck .. I have 4 camps and one shelter and seem to be stuck on 19 people in my population. I've built the Stone Quarry and a couple of Resource depots near some resources but nothing seems to happen.. click on the resource depots and they say i need to build more houses not enough population.. so i "sell" some of the resource depots and no money ever goes back to my gold pile (suppose to do that?) and it says i can't build anymore camps until i level up.. but i can't level up because i can't do anything lol
Hi leemik, I'm bbarbanida. I hope I can help with your problem.

Sell your other depots. Leave only one of them. Tap on you depot, reduce your haulers to 1 only. Judging by your level, you don't need more structures (e. g. Barracks, supply depot, etc.) exept camps and shelter. You said your population is 19/19. If you will do what I say, you will have a population of approximately 16/19. By then, wait until your camp/shelter makes money and build a farm. After building a farm, plant cabbage. After doing so, you will be able to level up.

Hope I helped on this matter. Pls add me. bbarbanida
11-29-2011, 02:01 AM
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Got to level 11, still very slow paced waiting for food/resource to pile up. Not a problem as it keeps the game low maintenance.


PVP needs work seriously. It is extremely expensive to random match anyone, win or lose you will have to pay a ridiculous amount of money + resources to heal your better units. The risk/reward is not worth it at all.

Also can not invade anyone unless it is someone on your friends list? It doesn't make sense to me, once you abuse them, they remove you from friends. Isn't the PVP flag sufficient? If player does not want to PVP he can just turn it off. Need a rival list like Crime City, then you can go into their land and wage war on them.

Such an amazing concept, can be so much more! Have to be careful here as Funzio's Modern Wars is almost out and will be a formidable competitor. Real incentives to PVP please! Experience/gold gain from fighting needs to be drastically increased. It takes me forever to heal after one battle against a competent player, I need to be rewarded.

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12-07-2011, 09:50 AM
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Sounds like a good effort. I've. Ever been a FarmVille type player. But I do like time management and strategy, Total War and such. I'll download this one tonight and check it out.
12-07-2011, 10:18 AM
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Game Impressions

I'm surprised. This really is a real game, not just a graphical front-end for a mixture of repetitive touch tasks and friend interaction without any elements of challenge.

Oh, there are those as well. But this is still a polished title with a story, production values, and a tactical combat system that puts this far ahead of ANY other online city building game I've ever played (including Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms, possibly excluding the original Utopia and Earth 2020).

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12-17-2011, 04:39 PM
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The longer I play this game, the more I think it's actually some sort of meta art project / joke about war games.

It feels like the "balance" came to the devs after one of them caught the 1983 Wargames film on late night, "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

Although it's promoted as being PvP oriented, actually taking part in PvP, whether the direct form of playing a head to head battle, or building up your base defenses and/or cracking through the base defenses of your friends is less than pointless: it usually *hurts* you, and not just a little unless you are bullying someone much lower in level than you. Similarly, trying to aid your friends is more often than not actually screwing things up for them.

For example, repairing *one* light tank via the hospital will require pretty much 100% of the iron you can mine in 24 hours *assuming* you have the advanced iron mines (about $40 worth of IAP assuming you don't Tapjoy your way into insanity), otherwise, it's 48 hours to repair a single unit, and you can be risking upward of 12 units in a single battle. So, at the upper levels, even if you win in PVP, you can easily be repairing the losses from the win for a week or longer.

Then take defending: by design, if you raid someone's buildings or mines, they don't actually lose anything *unless* they've committed defenders to defensive structures. So, for the 30 resources at stake, to actually stop anybody, you've got to risk considerably more in repair costs than you can possibly deny them. And while you, usually, will not want someone occupying your building or mine and denying it to you, you're still going to be better off going in to throw them out after the fact where you will be in charge of your units and it's the occupying units that will be controlled by the kind of flaky AI.

Instead, the real "threat" is the NPC raider faction which starts outgunning you pretty early on into the campaign side of things, and defensive structures do nothing to help you in stopping them from popping up in your own territory (although other than the cosmetic issues of having "occupying" raiders all over the place, they don't actually directly harm your game in any way). So, in reality, in spite of positioning the game as PvP oriented, the balance of the game actually only rewards friendly "competition" in the form of

1. Unprotected resources and buildings to allow unlimited raiding at no cost to either player except the inconsequential repair costs to the "attacker" for the occasional basic trooper that gets killed by the automatically generated militia units.

2. Occupying with the territory owner's blessing.

Being a "jerk" and occupying needed structures and resources may not only get your forces attacked in a costly manner if you committed expensive, powerful troops capable of realistically denying the building/resourses to the owning player, but may get you unfriended if you make too much of a habit of playing in this manner thereby losing you the benefit of raiding and occupying in a cooperative manner.

Which, brings up the "your helping ISN'T helping dangit!" oddness. You may freely attack any forces on a friend's territory (including, of course, the friend), and if you just stick to poaching NPC forces, that's fine, but 99/100 times if you kick off somebody who was occupying a non-improved resource, you're actually harming both your and the territory owning player's social games, and without the specific requesting of your help, 5/10 times you're doing the same by kicking off someone occupying a structure or improved resource because they were probably permitting it since there's little benefit to attempting to occupy structures and improved resources due to the risks not being worth the reward: you get about 3 hours worth of resources for 4 hours of occupation, but unless you commit expensive troops, you'll be easily removed as soon as the owning player wants you gone, and if you do commit expensive troops, the likelihood is that the gains from occupation will be outweighed by the cost of repairing those troops when you are inevitably removed.


The TL;DR version: In spite of being promoted as a PvP game, in reality the game design doesn't reward PvP and only rewards cooperative play such that players can best proceed in the campaign. So, while the option is there to PvP directly and indirectly, the game design fails to make it a viable choice for more than rich a-holes who can afford to pay to avoid the strong penalties inherent otherwise.

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01-14-2012, 02:26 AM
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I deleted this game

It is exageratedly/excessively designed to force players into In-App-Purchases (IAP).
Some missions, units or buildings cannot be completed/produced/built without IAP currency (nanopods).

I would prefer an upfront honest purchase cost, or a modest monthly fee.

IAP should be for vanity items (no function) or accelerated gameplay. IAP should not be essential.
01-14-2012, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Stefx73 View Post
IAP should be for vanity items (no function) or accelerated gameplay. IAP should not be essential.
Personally, I prefer getting something for the money I spent on this game. It's a good game. I spent all of $10 on it and I've gotten more value out of it than any other possible way I could have spent $10.

However, having played the bejesus out of this game, I can tell you with 100% certainly no IAP is essential, and anyone who thinks it is essential is just the same loud anti-IAP sort who never bothers to actually play past the point the devs decide to jingle the tip jar and rage quits and thinks anyone cares when the grossing charts scream loud and clear how insignificant their attitude really is.

While there are a handful of optional missions that require IAP purchases to complete, they in no way are essential to anything about the game. On top of that, the game gives you an average of about 2 nanopods each and every day through ads, and you can get hundreds of nanopods with relatively little effort through Tapjoy. So 1) You can reach max level and complete every single essential mission without any nanopods at all and 2) It's trivial to get a nice supply of nanopods without spending a dime and 3) you get what you pay for.

I've got neighbors at max level who have clearly never spent a dime, I've got neighbors at max level who clearly spent over $100 willingly. One of these days, the anti-IAP crowd is going to wake up to the fact that you're about as important to the gaming economy as flat-Earthers are to geology departments at the university. They hear you, they just don't care.

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