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Retro and classic games remastered.

11-21-2011, 11:02 PM
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Retro and classic games remastered.

I'm doing my best to find some that have been done. Final Fantasy I, II and III have been played to death, as well as Tactics.
I know Chrono Trigger's being done, is there any more on the app store?
11-21-2011, 11:26 PM
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Secret Of Mana
Space Invaders
Pac Man

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11-22-2011, 04:48 AM
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Theres loads, type in retro and you should find plenty

Looking at some of my folders...

Meteroids (Asteroids)
Dark Rider (3d Deathchase or like the scene from ROTJ)
Kung Pow (Kung Fu Master)
1942 First Strike (Great 1942 updated sequel)
Space Infinity Gene (Brilliant Space Invaders game)
Operation WOW (Operation Wolf)
Katana Jack (Bomb Jack)
Galaga Remix
RallyX (new version)
Galaga 30th (New updated versions)
Frogger Decades (New take on the original)
Tapper (New updated version)
Assault Commando (Mercs type clone)
Auto Boy
Killatron 2112 (Berzerk type game)
Final Freeway (Out Run)
Goat Up (Just a great retro style game)
Minotron (Another great berzerk type game)
Scramble! (Brilliant Scramble remake)
Defender! (Same here)
Ghost n Goblins (two remakes of the class9c)
Double Dragon (Updated version)

As you can tell i'm a huge retro fan, i buy practically every retro release on iOS and love the updated versions also. Got 5 folders of retro games as well as the above

As for RPG's...

Zenonia (1,2 and 3)
Undercroft (Reminds me of old skool RPG's)
Aralon - Closest thing i've found to Baldurs Gate, amazing amazing game, well worth your money
Across Age
Shining Force
Buster Red
11-22-2011, 06:09 AM
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Nice recommendations from PSJ there. I'll second Space Invaders Infinity Gene, although it's much more a re-imagining than a remake, it's absolutely outstanding.

Anyway, there are so many that it's hard to mention, but a quick runthrough of my device shows (pardon any repeat suggestions):

Road Blaster
Cobra Command --both awesome ports of the original arcade laserdisk versions

The Quest --a great, huge, expansive (with many expansions) take on games like Daggerfall.

Monster RPG 2 --a well-done Final Fantasy type of RPG.

Dragon Fantasy --Similar to the above, but done with more humor and in more of a Dragon Warrior package.

Sword of Fargoal --an update to the classic PC adventure game.

Rogue Touch --it's Rogue for iPhone! Incredibly well-balanced roguelike game, one of the all-time greats.

Ascendancy --Port of the classic 4X game.

Pinball Dreams HD --update of the classic Amiga pinball game, one of the best video pinball games ever made.

Alien Space Retro --Sort of a take on Asteroids but with much more complex gameplay. Great AI.

Pew Pew 2 --Tough as nails take on Geometry Wars style dual stick shooters.

Isotope --similar to the above but with RPG elements.

Warblade --cool Galaga-type game.

Tyrian --another classic PC shmup with a ton of depth.

Battle Squadron 1 --somewhat like Tyrian, but more brutally difficult.

Vector Tanks Extreme! --AWESOME update of Battle Zone. This should be one of the most popular games on the app store.

Spectre --another excellent tank game that was popular on Macs years back.

Pac-Man Championship Edition --The best Pac-Man game ever (imo). It's on sale for $1 right now--buy it!

Archon --The classic game of "battle chess."

Some amazing "retro-inspired" games are made by Llamasoft. Honestly, everything they're released, (Minotaur Rescue, Minotron, GoatUp, Deflex) is just "must have" material for retro fans. My favorite is probably Minotaur Rescue, though, maybe just slightly over GoatUp.

Forget-Me-Not is similarly brilliant. It's definitely on my "best of" list for 2011.

Oh, Zach Gage's Bit Pilot is also basically a perfect game for retro enthusiasts. Probably has the best music of any app I own.

Buy everything from Rocketcat games! My favorite of the Hook Trilogy is the first, Hook Champ, but most seem to prefer Super Quickhook. Their Mage Gauntlet is one of the best RPGs for iOS as well, and feels very much like playing Secret of Mana...even, dare I say...better?? (Blasphemy!?)

The Incident --Another of my absolute favorites! A gem of a game!

There are tons of great platformers out there that are retro-inspired, but my favorites are Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Giana Sisters, Pizza Boy, Bean's Quest, Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown, and surely you'll want to check out League of Evil and Mos Speedrun (although I prefer games with longer levels and less time-based goals. Actually of these types of games my favorite is the polarizing 1-Bit Ninja).

Some great puzzle platformers out there too, like Babylonian Twins, Cavorite, Hoggy, Qwak, Karoshi...some of those are updates of classics, even.

Of course Atari, Capcom, Sega, and Hudson (via Turbographx 16) have all release a lot of emulations, at varying degrees of quality. I am quite partial to the Turbographx emulator, although they didn't do a good job with controls for the vertical shooters in my opinion. Devil's Crush is amazing though, and plays well in the emulator, as do the Bonk games.

I realize that probably not all of these things are the sort of thing you're looking for, but...I felt like making a long post as I'm procrastinating.

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