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11-01-2012, 06:36 PM
Hi ianpwilliams. Well n00b is for people that are new to AvH. If you follow me on twitter, you'll see I've had several 140 character conversations with people on this topic.

Essentially, you could likely play a few game months in n00b until you get the gist of all of the game mechanics and then up the difficulty to challenging when you've mastered the basics of base development, research, manufacturing and keeping your squad alive during a dozen missions.

It's really up to you. We introduced n00b to provide a place to start and have tweaked challenging to be a little more forgiving.

Yesterday, someone finished the game on cruel difficulty (other than me when I played tested every level of difficulty from start to finish). So it is possible to win the game on the very hardest difficulty.

virag0 is right though. The first point is to have fun. If you aren't having fun, switch it up so you are.

11-01-2012, 09:26 PM
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Hi, I will post some more tips here, as I have been playing for awhile. At the beginning is probably the hardest part. As I mentioned before, I try to aim for slow growth, so that I always have plenty of funds in reserve for the penalties at the end of the month. At the early stages, the first year is possibly the hardest.

When you have enough funds, build your detection bases as soon as you can. An access shaft and small detector is $600K, so you need to aim to try to build one of these at your 8 locations as you can support them.

Focus on getting your troopers armed with the best technology possible. If you can get onto the Molotoff launcher, build those as soon as you complete the research. Make enough of these so that about 25% of your troopers carry one. In XCOM, ammo for these was an expense, but in AvH, it is infinite loading, so it is an extremely powerful weapon. Use these on night missions to light up the corridors or punch a hole in a wall and clean the room out. The molotoff is a good way to build up XP for troopers, then promote them to a smarter weapon. The molotoff is also susceptible to obstacles, so don't stand in tall grass or crops, or behind a fence when you let it go. It will not always kill an alien outright, unless it is a direct hit or it is already wounded, so keep that in mind too.

I have some troopers with 100 accuracy who never move far from the ship. They act as snipers. My typical combat strategy is to throw grenades everywhere on the first couple of turns, to open up holes in the infrastructure, then to bombard these with the molotoffs from a distance. Then I send in scouts with lower stats to flush out the aliens. The scouts rarely shoot - they just spot the targets for the snipers. If you shoot at an alien and miss, there is a good chance it will turn and fire back. Using a scout gets around this, especially if you are in the alien's blind spot.

Also, don't be in a rush to get from A-B. Move one or two cells at a time and use some TU's to turn and look around. If you move 5-6 cells at once, there is a good chance you will trigger an alien to zap you. Move slow and sure and always end in cover if you can. Turn based means you can sit and think before moving. I do break this rule sometimes and occasionally let troopers make a run across an
open area to get a better position. If you can lay some smoke down for them,

Make sure someone is always watching your back. AvH is quite good at hitting your troops and you never know where the shot came from, unless someone can see it.

Sometimes you will be able to see an alien but not shoot at it. Make sure that you have someone with a grenade ready to resolve this. Always try to reserve some TU's for movement. Occasionally, you might throw a grenade, only for it to land at some poor bugger's feet. At least give them a chance to run away. Do not throw grenades when under or near a ship, or when kneeling or inside a building. Tick Tick Boom and a host of screams if you do.

If you have the S1 or S2 rifle, they are actually not too bad, but not very accurate.
At the beginning, keep troopers in pairs so one can cover the other. Don't keep them too close together though or you might not like the result.

I look at the weapon hit stats and arm my best troopers accordingly. Auto Fire
is not very accurate but uses few TU's. I also use Auto if aliens end up close together. I once got 3 in one burst this way. Let your snipers use an aimed
shot though.

Prioritise your targets. If you see 3 aliens standing around and they are dispersed,
aim for the one that is facing you first. It is the most likely to shoot back if wounded or missed. Next, aim for the one closest. Then take out the rest. Although to be fair, this game has some sneaky bits - I shot a mech in the back
and it was wounded. It actually turned around like nothing happened and killed my hero.

Use height advantage whenever it is appropriate. Get someone up on a roof
to get a good look around. Conversely, scan and look UP when you are in a complex of buildings. Aliens love rooftops.

One more final strategy. Use your ears. Learn to listen to the environment.
This game is extremely deep. If you play with the sound off, you are missing out. Count footsteps. That is the sound of an alien moving somewhere. Listen if it
rattles a doorknob - it will then have expended several TU's itself. Listen for breaks in the footsteps. That's another alien moving around. Eventually, you will
be able to work out how many there are.

One more free tip - sometimes you will send your jumpship on a mission and then afterwards, when returning, another mission will pop up. Do not ignore this under any cirmcumstances. Send another ship right away, but if you have to, you can
reroute your tired and wounded troopers to the next mission. Often they will have
no grenades left, or few points on their armour. Even if you only have 4 troopers
left, it is imperative you retaliate.

11-02-2012, 03:07 AM
It's ok, I'm happy to start on noob. To be fair I would be surprised if I completed it first time on noob anyway, as you have to work out strategies to survive, which is part of the fun.

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11-02-2012, 12:05 PM
How does everyone handle reserving action points for firing?

To begin with I've been setting everyone to reserve points for an Auto Shot, which works on the whole, except that sometimes a soldier seems to end up with 1 point less than the required Action Points for an Auto Shot.

Also, when I do reserve points for an Auto Shot, it would be nice to maybe be able to reserve enough points for the shot, plus another two points to the soldier to crouch?

And when I have points reserved for an Auto Shot, when I actually want to manually fire a shot, I have to go into the solder's info screen and set reserved points to "none", before I can get have a shot. I wonder if it would be possible to reserve points for an Auto Shot, but have it so that the points reservation was automatically cancelled if you manually took a shot?

I may just be going about it the wrong way of course.
11-03-2012, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by aliensvshumans View Post
With regard to saving, so far weve just implemented traditional in game saving. Maybe if we had a show of hands? If we do get a lot of feedback on adding support for iCloud, well add it.
I think for that kind of game the developers have to put a better effort to support iCloud. It's a simple features but it help to play long games in many moments during the day. Please add it on the next updates.

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11-04-2012, 08:43 PM
Well we have 1 developer and iCloud support didn't make the final cut. We'll look into adding it. I wanted it too. I blame Hu(man). It's all her fault.

11-08-2012, 06:59 AM
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Hi, some of you might be having trouble with resources and getting enough alien compound to build armour. I think I have worked out a strategy that works pretty well now.
In the early stages of the game, you cannot collect power supplies to research or sell.
Instead, just damage them - don't damage them so much they are destroyed, just attack
them indirectly with molotoff or grenade blasts from a moderate distance. Then when the mission completes, you will get several units of alien compound. Stockpile this until you
can research armour and then get building. When you can research power supplies ie
capture them, make certain you still damage them a bit, but not so much you destroy them.
You will still get several units of compound and then still sell the unit. I try to keep th engineers building armour as their primary function. Only half of all my teams are equipped. I try to give my best troopers armour first then trickle down as much as possible. Finally, it would seem that armour needs to be refurbished, if damaged. If your trooper's armour takes damage, it will sustain the same damage between missions - unless you remove it before you go out again. I now remove all the damaged armour at the end
of each mission and re-equip it before I send them out again! This last one is slightly different to XCom, but it is kind of more realistic.
11-21-2012, 08:27 PM
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Hey guys I guess Al(ien) forgot to mention that there is an update currently awaiting approval from the App Store, it's gonna have some nice features and improvements, plus some new music from yours truly.

I don't want to get into any more details cause its not my place, but you can read about the features on their face book.
11-30-2012, 02:15 PM
AvH 2.0.4 should appear soon in the AppStore.

11-30-2012, 02:34 PM
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i've just updated it... thanks guys for keep this gem alive!!!