App description: **"In Onslaught players can expect the kind of portable X-COM experience theyve always wanted."
**"AvH: Onslaught is like a tribute band for X-Com it hits all of the same notes as the original: recruitable (and re-nameable) troops who learn as they gain experience, cagey aliens who see in the dark better than you do, bases that you build and staff, research that you direct, randomized combat maps the whole lot." --

AvH 2.0.8 is TWO games in one choose to play only tactical missions (training missions - the original AvH) OR take on the responsibility that comes with world management by playing 'The Onslaught'.

Aliens versus Humans: THE ONSLAUGHT

You have been hired by the United Countries of Earth (UCE) to defend our planet. Your job is to build bases around the globe in order to detect alien Teleportation Events. Once detected, you must send team(s) of soldiers out to remove the Alien threat and recover any Alien technology.
Beware, the Aliens have superior firepower and you will need to research and manufacture better gear in order to have a chance of winning the war against them. The UCE has provided a fully functional base that will get you up and running.

The rest is up to you...

!@#$% Intercepted communication 18:13a5f506 !@#$%^

Features List:
* Bases - build up to 8 bases around the Earth.
* Geoscape A world view of your bases, crafts and active teleportation events.
* Base Management: build facilities, view base info, equip soldiers, research, manufacture, purchase, sell and transfer items between bases.
* New and updated battle terrains including: Farm, Urban, Industrial, Arctic, Jungle and Desert.
* A Pedia to help you keep track of all your gear, crafts, alien corpses and artifacts.
* Four levels of difficulty: n00b, Challenging, Hard and Cruel.
* Interactive mission tutorials and a quick tutorial.
* Randomly generated battle maps, day and night missions, destructible terrain, on-the-fly Line of Sight and 4 zoom levels.
* Soldiers' stats improve based on their experience during missions.

--A Note on IAPs:

IAPs are new in this version. The game balance has NOT changed so purchasing in game currency is NOT required to complete the game - this is only for those that want to advance quicker than the game allows by default.

This is a challenging game. If you're struggling with funding, change your strategy. Many people have won the game on Cruel difficulty without IAPs, it can be done. Keep trying.

Aliens versus Humans: TRAINING MISSIONS

The original AvH content has moved under 'Training Missions'. If you're looking for the thrill of combat without the extra responsibility of world management then 'Training Missions' is for you.

Features List:
* Design and play your own missions. Choose terrain, soldiers, weapons, armor. Set alien intelligence from easy to truly evil.
* Play 25 missions that proceed along a storyline, including night time missions.
* 11 weapons and 3 armor types that unlock based on game progression.
* 3 star rating system for missions.
* Your soldiers' stats improve based on their experience during missions.
* Randomly generated maps = ultimate replayability.
* Destructible terrain.
* On-the-fly Line of Sight.
* Ability to customize your squad for each mission.
* 4 zoom levels that allow you to see more of the battle map or get up close and personal.
* 20 achievements that will challenge you beyond the game.

A Note from the developers:

We hope you enjoy the latest release of Aliens versus Humans. Aliens versus Humans has been two years in the making and many features have been added as a result of user feedback. Please help support us by rating/reviewing the app, liking us on Facebook (, following us on twitter @aliensvshumans as well as providing feedback through our support link.

Al(ien) and Hu(man)

goiMot's comments:

11-26-2011, 08:42 PM
What you described would likely fit better in the context of an Aliens versus Humans HD iPad only game. Because, in order to do it right, you'd need the extra screen real estate. I suppose you could consider the current Aliens versus Humans intended for iPhone and iPod and compatible with iPad (not yet Universal) - "Pocket X-Com".

Thanks for your feedback.

11-27-2011, 05:34 PM
Game Impressions


If you like the classic X-Com Games you will sure like this small One too, even it does have still some things to get on the right Track.

It does not yet have the same Content as the X-Com Games but the direction is the same and overall i can say that it does a lot of things good enough to see hope while it does currently not yet reach the Level of the first X-Com Game.

I`ll play the Game a little longer and report back as soon as i have at least played through the first few Mission to get a better overview.

11-28-2011, 09:46 AM

ALIENS VERSUS HUMANS is one of the nominees for Touch Arcade Game of the Week.

Do you like this turn-based strategy game of battling alien treat?
If you think ALIENS VERSUS HUMANS deserves to be the winner of TAGOTW, give it your vote now!


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11-28-2011, 04:54 PM
Time to Vote for Aliens versus Humans

That's right everyone. Please show some funky Alien love and vote for Aliens versus Humans...
11-28-2011, 05:21 PM
My main issue with both this game and the original X-Com's gameplay is that your enemies are constantly on overwatch and basically are just wandering about the level, whereas the player is forced to explore and track them down. This leads to many situations where you blindly turn a corner and and overwatch alien takes you down before you can respond.

I've only played 3 levels into your game, but in the original X-Com when your guys are unarmored, you could deploy robot vehicles to scout around and soak up shots. The robots took up 4 spots that could be filled with troops, but for the first part of the game they were far more powerful so the payoff was worth it.
11-28-2011, 07:34 PM
You must be in mission 3. It's a night time mission and admittedly Aliens can see better at night than Humans (it's those freakingly huge eyes I tell you). However on day missions, Aliens and Humans can see equally well. X-Com was the same.

With regard to AI, Aliens follow a FSM (Evade, pursue, pattern, shoot, throw) with varying probabilities of switching states depending on the type of alien and the mission. During the earlier missions the Aliens could be considered a tad docile but if you present them with a cheap shot, hey, they'll take it.

So you have a few options to get through night time missions.

1. Use flares. Each soldier is given one flare. Put them to good use by throwing them just beyond the fog of war to extend what the soldiers can see.
2. Make the assumption that you can be seen by an alien. Use cover where possible. Throw smoke grenades to reduce their visibility especially at the entrances of your starting area.
3. Use the terrain to your advantage and hole up in a building with the last guy going into the building throwing out proximity grenades. Eventually the aliens will come looking for you and get a little too close.*

*my personal favorite

11-28-2011, 08:21 PM
Picking up new and dropped items / ammo (from dead allies) was a big part of x-com.

Also, remote turrets and drones would be cool!

My 2.
11-29-2011, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by aliensvshumans View Post
That's right everyone. Please show some funky Alien love and vote for Aliens versus Humans...
hey guys, all here seem to have forgotten the in-game music... where is it???
i love tunes like the one on the tutorial video for this kind of strategy games, so why the game doesn't have any?

Last edited by Gwarmaxx; 11-29-2011 at 09:12 PM.
11-29-2011, 08:24 PM
We had differing feedback on music during play. First we heard from some testers that the music was irritating (not that good) and second, others said that they liked listening to music while playing. We're looking into making in game music optional from a menu and improving the music in an upcoming update.

11-29-2011, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by aliensvshumans View Post
We're looking into making in game music optional from a menu and improving the music in an upcoming update.

thanks guys...
btw, the game is awesome!!! thanks a lot for bring us back to the days of X-Com

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