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iPad: Angry Dooby - Physics Based iPad Game for Fun

11-25-2011, 01:18 AM
Angry Dooby - Physics Based iPad Game for Fun

Gloomy is a wonder world, where the doobies altogether enjoyed their lives. The fantasy of the world unites the Doobies in all their ways. Gloomy is seems to be the only place where the Doobies exists, they felt that would be a much better place for their living culture. The time goes , some of the Doobies in the Gloomy world started to attain some evil powers from the outer universe and they jumped into the action to conquer the entire world to became a leader of Gloomy. The Angry Dooby was selected as a leader for the evil powers. Thereby it join with some of its friends named Spike dooby, Lighting dooby ,Bomb dooby & Magnetic dooby to hinder the progress of Charming doobies to own the Gloomy world.

Charming Doobies aimed to protect the world from the hands of evil, by enlarging its size and stops the progression of Angry Dooby into the world.

Download Angry Dooby Here


1. Highly addictive gameplay!
2. Explore and discover 30 cleverly designed levels in normal mode and 15 tough levels in Challenge mode.
3. Game Center Achievement
4. Facebook & Twitter integration
5. Enemy Doobies to trick and avoid
6. Simple to play but tough to master

11-25-2011, 05:37 AM
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