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App description: We find our hero, the ninja master, Kazuhiro, running away from an evil ninja temple. He has stolen the Genesis Orb and is now running for his life. This orb can be used in combination with various other orbs scattered about the country in order to temporarily obtain great powers. He must run back to his homeland, over mountains and through valleys, jumping over pits and onto platforms on the way. The Genesis Orb and his trusty shuriken will assist him in killing all the evil ninjas standing in his path and return home safely.

Orbs - all lasting for 15 seconds
* Purple - Flying
Helicopter game stylehold down on the screen to go up and let go to drop.
* Green - Score Multiplier
3x to give you that much needed boost to beat your friends' high scores.
* Gray - Triple Shot
Throw three shuriken at once!
* Red - Fire Shield
Run through the evil ninjas to send them to their fiery deaths.
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Originally Posted by letrstotheprez View Post
Hey check out this awesome game!
Ninja: The Journey
That link doesn't work.

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app description? screens? videos?

I love this world!
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Sorry about that, thanks for editing my post by the way.