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Miner Wars 2.D by Keen Software House

11-29-2011, 02:08 PM
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Miner Wars 2.D by Keen Software House

Miner Wars 2.D for PC/Mac/iOS/Android!

Greetings dear Miner Wars fans!

We are proud to introduce a new game - a branch project to our main flagship Miner Wars 2081. Prepare for Miner Wars 2.5D, a fast-paced arcade game inspired by classical legend of PC gaming history Tuneller! The game is now 70% finished and you can soon expect either playable beta-version or gameplay trailer. The final game is scheduled for release in January 2012 for PC and February/March for other platforms (Mac, iOS, Android).

- Fully Destructible Environment
- Fast Adrenaline Action Set in Miner Wars Universe
- Skirmish Mode with Multiplayer Support
- 15 Levels' Singleplayer Campaign
- Up-to 4 Players Multiplayer
- Various Power-Ups and Upgrades
- Interconnectivity between MW2.5D and MW 2081

Main concept
Player controls one mining ship and ventures through an underground labyrinth of pathways, old abandoned mines, asteroids and military bases. Situated in a fully destructible environment, player is not forced to use already existing pathways, but can (and should) make tunnels of his own using the ship's equipment, especially drill and explosives. Each player has its own home base, functioning as a spawn point and able to recharge energy and restore ship's health (armor). The simplest motive is to destroy the enemy ship, using your weapon, drill and taking advantage of the terrain (walls, tunnels, rocks) to hide from enemy shots or to ambush the enemy from a previously impassable direction.

Equipment, Power-Ups, Campaign
Player is not restricted to simple skirmish mode against other players or AI. Instead, the game offers full single-player campaign composed of 15 unique missions with different objectives each: simple search and destroy, duel, hold as long as you can, mining and tunneling goals and more. Each game round (level) takes 5 to 10 minutes to finish. Replayability of both campaign and skirmish is increased with many available settings as to the rules of that specific round, giving you virtually unlimited never-be-the-same gameplay options.

Searching through the tunnels is not restricted to enemy ship only, you can also find various pieces of equipment and power-ups, boosting your ship's abilities (weapon power, energy, shields, armor, speed, drill effectivity) or giving you extra skills (radar, metal detector).

Interconnectivity: Miner Wars 2.5D and Miner Wars 2081
Both games share the same player account. Fulfilling missions and achieving special objectives in one of the two games unlocks new weapons, devices, ships and other possibilities for the second one.

Windows XP/Vista/7; Mac; Devices with Android 2.0 or better, iOS (iPhone 3G or better; iPad 1,2).

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11-29-2011, 05:26 PM
Cool sign me up for the beta when its released also is there gonna be co-op multiplayer?
11-29-2011, 05:34 PM
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Both this and the full game look fantastic!

Time to dust off the my CH HOTAS and replay the Descent games again!

Did I mention that I beta test iOS games? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink )

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Worst idea ever!