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App description: How to Play:
-Do wall and air combos to multiply your score
-Do combos inside the golden ring for even higher scores
-Slam an object to the ground after you do a combo for a high-scoring ground slam.
-Experiment with different moves!

A more detailed tutorial is explained in the 'title screen' when you first start the game.

Hi, I'm Patrick and I made this app with my brothers.

I was inspired to make this game when I saw this little kid throwing his toys around. He seemed really happy - before his mom stopped him, of course. So I thought to myself, 'why not make an app where you throw stuff around? Should be fun. And less messier than the real thing, too.

Four months later, this game.

It's very simple to play. You get several things in every round, and you smash these things to bits. You can throw them against the wall, slam them against each other, just colorful, beautiful mayhem. The game is more complex than that, if you like complexity in your games. You can also do combos, special moves and finishers to get high scores.

Every piece of this game was made with care and attention; I had to break an old vase to get the sound of a breaking vase. Thirty plus minutes of original music. Graphics were drawn bit by bit.

All in all, I had a lot of fun making this game. I'm hoping you have fun playing it. And please, please don't forget to rate my game if you liked it! Every positive review helps a lot.

- Patrick

- Bright, colorful graphics
- Flick and throw objects
- Do different moves and combos
- Easy to Pick up and play
- Wide variety of things to smash
- Infinity Mode for expanded gameplay and replayability
- Ultimate stress relief
- Original music

smashdev2011's comments:

We designed Smash to Bits to appeal to the destructive little kid in all of us - you know, the one who loved throwing toys around, hitting things with sticks, playing with firecrackers.

This game is simple in concept. You have several objects that have different physical properties. They break apart, bit by bit, every time they slam with enough force.

You can also break things in style - throw a table in the air, fling a chair at it, then send them both crashing down onto the plates on the floor for a satisfying, and high-score giving, smash.

And by the way, chairs and tables are only the beginning. Let's just say that things get bigger and bigger.

Best of all, it's only $0.99! That's a lot of bang (and smash, and crash) for your buck!
11-30-2011, 11:23 AM
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