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App description: *** Space Dominions is featured as a science fiction strategy multiplayer online game. ***

You are the lord of a planet in the vast planet. You are challenged to upgrade technology, build up fleet, seek the legendary commander, get extra resources, occupy more planets, explore unknown territories in galaxy and defeat the dark fleet hidden in the space. The new era is coming; you are not fighting alone anymore. Pick up your iPhone and iPod Touch, adventure in an exciting star journey with your friends right now!!

The earth has suffered from the serious destruction, sources have been exhausted. In order to survive human beings start to forge a new path outwards to the mysterious space.
3010AD, the space probe Spes which had installed the warp engine was launched, and driving the hope of our human to the vast space.
In the next couple of years Spes continuously sent back some shock messages-- outside the solar system there not only exists some unknown planets which are suitable for human to live but also abundant resources that we urgently need. A new immigration age has been open, human finally kick out the exploration of universe. However facing to the cruel grab on space and resources, a new star war seems unavoidable...

- Space Dominions combines the features of strategy game and role-playing game together, giving you a fresh experience for keeping your interests.
- A large number of missions waiting to be executed. A lot of attractive source and items to be awarded.
- Gorgeous graphics bring you into a fantastic universe.
- Exclusive PVP server. Challenge other players and show your heroic spirits. You have the opportunities to obtain premium commanders and equipments.
- Constructing, developing technologies, setting up fleets, Attacking and defending all these actions are under your control to be realized. To ally with other players will make you much more powerful.
- Powerful commander is the key for winning the battles.
- Forge your own equipments including weapons, armors and rings!
12-18-2011, 04:24 AM
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Where can get more info about vampire war?
12-18-2011, 04:51 AM

Space Dominions does look interesting. Have anyone yet played it and report something about it?


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Where can get more info about vampire war?

I think it was removed from the Appstore.