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  • Publisher: BluSped
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 31.0 MB
  • Version: 1.6
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Speed and fighting, survive or death? just now, shooting at the outer space in the future.
This is a perfect flight shooting game. good luck and do the best.

zxr415's comments:
Speed and fighting, survive or death? just now, shooting at the outer space in the future.
This is a perfect flight shooting game. good luck and do the best.
iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/starfire-hd/id482537323?mt=8
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12-06-2011, 10:54 PM
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How do you think about this app, any suggestions?
12-08-2011, 06:46 PM
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Mmm quiet thread. Some "one day old" impressions from me then, for what they're worth.

Good visuals. Clean HD graphics effectively delivering a mechanical space vibe. Quite sparse though. I wouldn't put it quite on par with Phoenix HD (similar vibe) myself, even though Phoenix is perhaps even more sparse (aside from bullets), but there's no doubt that it's a fine looking game.
I haven't really paid attention to the audio yet.

Okay weapons. Not as varied as X3000, if I remember it right, but okay. Just straight levelling up.
I've tried two of the ships. It's nice that they look different but I don't yet have a feel for whether or not they really play differently.

I played it through on easy, then on normal. I found the pace to be quite slow. I'll try it on hard tonight or tomorrow and see if it feels different, but so far I think a bit more action wouldn't hurt.
Some of the bosses and sub-bosses can do one-hit kills. I hated this at first, but after learning the game a little they are easy enough to avoid. Still, even now they're the things that normally wipe me out (just because of me not bothering to dodge when I know I should).
My main complaint is that the enemies (esp bosses) are too predictable. When I play a game like this, I want it to play me too, you know? I want it to second-guess me and make me sweat. Like: "So you think you can camp there, do you?" and "do you really think you can avoid death just by swaying to a rhythm?" StarFire is too mechanical and predictable. Some of the environmental things are missed opportunities too. There are a few areas where there's like a rain of projectiles but except for the last one (with green balls that home in on the ship) there isn't any challenge to them.
All up, I think the gameplay could benefit from some more depth through tweaking and balancing.

The flow is strange but interesting. Like in X3000 there are several distinct stages (5 or 6), each with a boss, but after you finish the last one you just start on the first again. If all your ships get destroyed then your score starts from scratch again and you restart at the beginning of that stage, but otherwise your score just keeps on truckin'. It would be good if things got noticeably tougher the second time round etc.

Again, these are just one person's peculiar observations for what they're worth. And all said, I'm glad I bought the game.

I played it through on hard. It comes together better - no time to blink! All the little enemies make up for the sub-bosses' predictability. (The main bosses are still quite easy though.) Also, it seems much togher when it loops back to stage 1. (I didn't really notice that on normal or easy.)

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