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English version of Magic Book is now available!
Magic book is a fantastic and worldwide popular mobile game! Its worth trying!

Tracy found a magic book when cleaning her room. The book woke up and swallowed Tracys piggy bank. Now Tracy needs your help to get back all her coins. You can even make the coins more!

Game play
Move on a book page. Pass through pierced patterns on each dropping page and avoid being hit by them. Dont forget to collect the gold coins !

The book of Freshman:
This magic book comes from magic world. You should play in the given order when passing through pages.
If you succeed, you will be rewarded.

Features (Paid version)
3 modes: classical mode, 60 seconds mode, level mode
3 magic books full of surprises and challenges: totally different gameplays! Incuding 72 levels. And more magic book yet to come

The book of Chinese
This magic book comes from the ancient China with lots of Chinese gem, jade. You need to gather enough jade to pass. This idea originates from a famous Chinese web game.

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nakayi's comments:

It is a PUZZLE+ACTION game. It is quite creative and currently there is no similar game in the APPSTORE.

Its gameplay is to move on a book page, pass through cracks on each dropping page and avoid being hit by them and collect the gold coins. More coins will appear if the player passes through smaller cracks. If the player passes through 3 small size cracks in succession, a coin worth 3 points will appear. If the player passes through other sizes cracks in succession, they will be awarded alike.

Although it’s a small game, it is equipped with 3 modes. They are classical mode, 60 seconds mode and level mode. Users can choose different modes according to their situations.

What’s more, the game contains 2 magic books full of surprises and challenges and with totally different gameplays. 48 missions and 44 achievements are also included. Maybe more magic book yet to come.

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Toft anyone?

Add me to your Game Center .... Lacedolphin
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Toft anyone?
what toft?
the game is the one on appstore....