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App description: Sunikazu Games, today, is pleased to announce Speed Damon 1.5 for iOS, an update to their side-scroller racing Game, where players must drive an off-road motorcycle the greatest distance possible by jumping over obstacles. Players have three touch options: a ramp/jump, a mid-air or street level bridge, and the ability to destroy obstacles by touching them. Featuring all black, white, and gray graphics and animation, small color accents lend style to the game. Speed Damon is designed for one to three players, displays dramatic silhouetted objects and requires quick reflexes to reach distances over 250 meters.

Played in landscape orientation, this side-scroller employs four layers of animation, which produce a convincing sense of depth. The three scrolling layers include the foreground in black silhouette, the midground in light gray, and the background in dark gray. Objects in the foreground seem to move by faster than those in the midground, and much faster than those in the background. The fourth layer contains the player's black motorcycle, which remains center screen and moves only in the vertical direction, and the black cars, which speed by moving only in the horizontal direction.

The action takes place on a suburban highway with stores, houses, and gas stations along the road. The player's motocross bike maintains a constant speed, and always remains in the horizontal center as the background rushes past. Driving at street level, the bike keeps both wheels on the road, but at all other times players perform wheelies while executing take-offs, jumps, and landings.

Coming to a large pothole in the road, the player touches the Ramp button, which immediately place a short, triangular ramp directly in front of him on the road. The ramp launches the bike up toward the top of the screen. While in mid-air, the player can touch the Bridge button that places a short horizontal roadway above the street, and players can touch the button repeatedly to extend the bridge while driving. High obstacles, such as signs, prevent the player from remaining on a bridge too long. With puffs of black smoke from its tailpipe trailing behind and a loud whine of its engine, the off-road bike reaches the end of the bridge and lands back on the street, speeding towards the next life-threatening obstacle.

There are also street level bridges to help jump across wide ditches, and houses and vehicles in the frontmost layer can be destroyed with the touch of a finger. Hitting any obstacle produces a violent crash, sending driver and bike independently somersaulting through the air and off the screen, ending the round. There are plenty of creative obstacles to avoid, much destruction and mayhem, and endless opportunities to perform life saving stunts throughout the action filled game. Some security lies in the inclusion of the ability to grasp a golden coin, that will enlarge the motorcycle, safeguarding it from any obstacle for a set amount of time. In addition to this feature, some of the coins will present a bulldozer that travels in front of the the motorcycle removing each life threatening obstacle. A more challenging feature is the jumping bulldozer, which players must follow, up and down, to be shielded from the various roadway obstructions.

Feature Highlights:
* Side-scroller motorcycle game jumping over obstacles
* Place ramps down to send the bike and rider over obstacles
* Use bridges to remain above street level or jump over wide ditches
* Stylish B&W graphics and animation
* Drive an off-road bike through a quiet suburb

"Help Damon get to his destination," stated Narada Henderson of Sunikazu Games. "In order to assist him, you have to build numerous ramps and bridges. Go as far as you can to attain the highest score to beat your opponent. You will have to navigate your way over ditches, dodging cars, motorcycles, houses and everything else that stands in your way."

mrrclark99's comments:
I am proud to say my app Speed DAmon Has been featured on 3 great website so far. This is a big step for me. I am a private developer that has not had alot of success in the app store but i have finally created a game that is getting a little buzz. Thanx for the surport it really means alot.

For anyone who is interested in seeing a little preview of my app here is a youtube video of it... Thanx to you all!!

12-06-2011, 04:37 AM
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Looks good. Maybe I'll try this.
12-06-2011, 06:12 AM
Joined: Oct 2011
Location: New York
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Thanx.. If you do try it i would love to know what you think.. Any improvements you may feel it needs.