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12-08-2011, 06:35 AM
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Freemium games with IAPs will stay that way if people make sufficient purchases. The market dictates the developers' actions. If we buy, they have no reason to change the system. If we don't buy, they are forced to reevaluate their chosen path. It's a basic premise of business; if you don't buy at current, inflated prices or just don't support a developer with your hard-earned, they will eventually have no choice but to change things.

I don't like the freemium thing as much as the next man, but I suspect it will pave the way ahead for future titles because people will always be willing to support it in sufficient numbers. Just my opinion.

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12-08-2011, 06:47 AM
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Other factors 'could' be piracy and frankly not enough sales. Sure Game Loft do make a ton of money from games but obviously need to make more and more every year.

I always buy games asap as i want the developer to get a good sale and 'hopefully' get them to do more and more games, specially from small devs or 'one man bands'. I know some people who wait a few months just for the game to drop in price or often become free to download.

If we all waited for apps to drop in price or become free then devs will move on elsewhere to another machine where they can make money.

Theres so many quality games at 69p or 1.49 etc, quite happy to purchase these at full price. Same for IAP games, if i like a game (Bullet Time, Zombie Gunship) i will buy IAP's as more of a 'thank you' to the dev

12-08-2011, 07:05 AM
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Indeed, my previous post was not meant to be quite as black-and-white as it sounded.

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12-08-2011, 07:12 AM
Just played about 30 more min.

For some reason my "aim button" appeard after a few mission, now Shooting is acctually fun.

However, when you are low on health, a gigantic "BUY NOW" button appears and takes up about 20% of the entire screen.
You can't get rid of it untill you buy it, get killed or heal for some other reason.
You buy it with sheriff stars, which costs real money.

Now that is one of the worst design choices I have ever seen.

Horrible just horrible.

EDIT: Also, what is DZLS?

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12-08-2011, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by vibliribland View Post
EDIT: Also, what is DZLS?
Desert Zombie: Last Stand

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12-08-2011, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Espekayen View Post
I don't like the freemium thing as much as the next man, but I suspect it will pave the way ahead for future titles because people will always be willing to support it in sufficient numbers. Just my opinion.
Yeah that's probably true, unfortunately. When freemium games first started to appear (Eliminate Pro was one of the first ones back in 09), I honestly didn't think freemium games would take off like they have. Back then I had more faith in mankind and didn't expect people would be so willing to waste their money.

Although I still think (or at least hope) that there will be room for regular paid apps in the future. I just counted the number of paid apps in the top 200 grossing games and there are 102 paid apps and 98 freemium apps. So paid apps are still doing well, I just hope it stays that way.

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12-08-2011, 08:49 AM
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I loved Red Dead Redemption, so this game would have been an instant buy for me. But I refuse to get involved with the endless money trap of the freemium model, so I won't even download it.
12-08-2011, 08:51 AM
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How stupid to make a universal game then not have cloud save between multiple devices.... I mean how hard can it be!
12-08-2011, 09:08 AM
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thanks you guys! judging by the comments on this thread, i'm doing the right thing by not clearing up 500mbs of space on my device for this title. better save than sorry!

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12-08-2011, 09:54 AM
i was a huge Gameloft fan and have no problems to spend some Money for a Core Game and it must be not perfect .

Six Guns is really bad. you must shot on Tokens to collect (Bullets=$) and to find everyone of them to get the Price its hard..

in the caves you lost health&ammo ect. ok you can play for Free but it doesn't matter, money or not ... the game is booooring

you feel the game its not important .its all about moneymaking. the Textures on Ipad 2 is bad. The Land is empty .(cool there is a Saloon where you can do nothing!) the Missions are always the Same and most on the same location, Enemy waves,stupid horse races and caves . no storyline ! the AI is a Joke .

so no Western Backstab

Please Insert Coins!

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