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App description: "Call it an unfair bias, but I wasnt expecting a free-to-play game to look this good." - 148Apps review


Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... it did! We took the dual-stick shooter formula and optimized it to deliver the best game we could: Monster Shooter, the new dual-stick mayhem sensation!

Download the game free of charge and prove that you can handle the best mission and progress system. Visit numerous levels across three different planets and enjoy hours of free gameplay!

Hand-drawn 2D ultra violence has never looked this cute. With a vast array of enemies, guns and effects, Monster Shooter is one of the best-looking games of its genre which also runs smoothly on older devices.

Never underestimate a guy whose cat has been stolen by aliens. As DumDum, you can blast your enemies with shotguns, plasma rifles and rocket launchers and spice things up with a handful of grenades... If they're still moving after that lot, use the nuke! The blood looks and sounds disturbingly fun!

The more awesome Monster Shooter gets. Complete multiple missions and improve your rankings. Buy new stuff and show your skills off to other players using the Game Center.

Monster Shooter is here to stay. Download the game, follow DumDum in his quest to save the kitten, shoot your way through foreign planets and have as much fun as possible! Leave the new updates, new levels and new monsters to us; just keep playing.

Try your skill and luck in Survival mode and see if you've got what it takes to rise right up there with the leaderboard masters. See you at the top!


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12-08-2011, 11:42 AM
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Will definitely grab this one up, had an awesome trailer, so that already convinced me!

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12-08-2011, 11:43 AM
Joined: Oct 2011
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yeah!! this looks awesome!! will give it a try!
12-08-2011, 11:47 AM
Joined: May 2010
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Is it Freemium? Or is free the introductory price that'll go up?

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Originally Posted by JBRUU View Post
Ninny speaks the truth.
12-08-2011, 11:48 AM
Joined: Mar 2011
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Indeed, that trailer is impressive. We shall see how it plays and if it mercilessly kills me and then asks me to spend more money to survive.

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12-08-2011, 11:51 AM
Joined: Sep 2009
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There aren't any IAPs, either. Hm. Any impressions?

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12-08-2011, 11:57 AM
Joined: Oct 2011
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Originally Posted by Joshnsuch View Post
There aren't any IAPs, either. Hm. Any impressions?
I think this is freemium. oh btw, the IAP usually show up later.
12-08-2011, 12:32 PM
Joined: Jul 2009
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awesome ,dling now!
12-08-2011, 12:49 PM
Joined: Aug 2010
Location: The last time zone for iOS game releases :(
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Game Impressions

This one fun shooter! First off the IAP's that I see are only to purchase more cash packs to buy weapons. There are some grinding, but not as bad as some PAID games. The cash rewards seem fair (IMHO), you get cash drops from enemies and from class advancements.
Graphically, beautiful, smooth animations and vibrant colors.
Sounds is solid and weapons sound like the have some power to them.
Gameplay is fun and entertaining, more so if you are a dual stick shooter fan.
Overall, probably the best FREE game I have seen in a long time, it doesn't bombard you with IAP's and the system seems fair. Get it you will love it.
12-08-2011, 01:53 PM
Joined: Jan 2011
Posts: 1,943
Tried only the survival mode and 2 story mode levels and the game seems pretty decent. The controls are what you expect from DSS. You can buy grenades, and to throw them you press a little button above the shooting stick (similar to Age of Zombies). One thing that I'm not crazy about is you have limited ammo in your clip before you need to reload (auto reload or manual reload). I suppose this adds more strategy. The game is pretty hard with the equipment you start out with. I've only been able to last ~1-2 minutes. It should be easier with upgraded weapons eventually I think.

When killing enemies, they drop "blue orbs" (which you collect to increase the score multiplier) or random pickups (ie: cash). Different power ups pop up randomly (ie: "vengence" which seems to be unlimited ammo for a limited time, health, etc..). The only real complaint for me is the duration from when the items appear to when they disappear seems short..but maybe this just adds to the challenge.

There's weapons and ammo clips you can buy. It sounds like the ammo clips increase the amount of ammo you can fire before needing to reload. At least in the survivial mode, the rate you earn cash is pretty slow. I earn 1-3 "dollars" for each game..and some of the weapons I think. In the story mode, you earn a lot more cash (ie: 50) for the first time you beat a level. Don't know yet if you get more cash for the later levels.

There's 2 "twists" they added to (at least in the survival mode). There's a similar "3 missions at a time" like for Jetpack Joyride. Similar to the PC game Crimsonland (and probably iOS's Crimsonworld and even Solomon's Keep/Boneyard), you level up in the game and pick from 4 different perks.

Overall, the game seems pretty fun, but difficult from the Survival mode that I tried. For a free game, its pretty fun so far. Looking forward to beating the game to see the new enemies and levels.

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