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App description: An unique adventure! Neelo is lost in space and his ship has fallen to the Earth. Can you help it arrive to home?

Across 4 different journeys and 96 challenging levels you will live many adventures:

DAY JOURNEY: Neelo can't breath on Earth! Help him move from one bubble to another, building ramps, using the dampers, exploding dynamites and breaking bridges... test your skill!

NIGHT JOURNEY: Night is even more challenging! Play with fishes and fireflies, make neelo move through the bridges and beware with pelicans. And remember: Neelo don't know how to swim!

SPACE JOURNEY: Neelo has come to his spaceship, but there's no gravity in space! Use the accelerometer to control neelo and avoid the ship obstacles. With the help of miniaturizer you can reach inaccessible areas. Be careful with emergency exits!

PLANET JOURNEY: in the planet, Neelo feels like in home. Move the ground, platforms, blocks and move it all fast! You can control everything! You'll be able to control Neelo?

HOURS OF FUN!: Enjoy TakeMeHome in your iPhone or iPad (it's an universal app), with premium music by Heather Fenoughty, Peter McIsaac and Olive Musique.

An adventure for all the family, that will challenge you for hours!


"If youre tired of simplistic and redundant physics puzzle games than you will be thrilled to help Neelo get back to his home planet in Take Me Home."
By appstorearcade.com

"The best feature of Take me home is that new gameplay elements are constantly being introduced as you progress"
By Apps24h.com

"The puzzles are interesting and varied, rather than intellectually complex, and the various soundtracks sound good without feeling repetitive. Youll get a few hours entertainment for a dollar, with more levels promised in the future, making this an easy game to recommend."

"(...) Graphically, Im quite pleased with Take Me Home. Not only is Neelo insanely cute, the boards are interesting and the different scenes keep the game from getting boring. This app is truly universal, meaning it looks great on the iPhone and makes full use of the iPads bigger screen. (...)"
By Best Apps For Kids.

TocaTocaGames's comments:
Dear friends,

we, Toca Toca Games, are glad to announce that our first game, Take Me Home, is now available on the App Store.

Take Me Home is an adventure-puzzle, in wich you will help Neelo, a mischief green martian that is lost in Space, to arrive home.

For that, you will use the killer features that have made iPhone and iPad hits, like accelerometer and multitouch, by building ramps, breaking bridges, placing the jumpers, playing with fishes, pelicans, fireflies... across 4 different and unique journeys:

Day Journey: neelo can't breath on Earth! Help it to move from one bubble to another, building ramps, breaking the bridges, placing the dampers and playing with the rotators!

Night Journey: night is even more challenging! Play with fishes, fireflies, sliding bridges, and be careful with the pelicans! And remember, neelo doesn't know to swim!

Space Journey: neelo have found his spaceship, but there is no gravity in Space! Move your iPhone/iPad to control Neelo, and avoid the ship obstacles by using the miniaturizer. Be careful with mines and emergency exits!

Planet Journey: in his planet, Neelo feels like in home. You can control it all! The ground, springs, platforms, rotators, mini-platforms... Move it all fast! You'll be able to control Neelo?

Enjoy Take Me Home in your iPhone or iPad (HD graphics and universal app), with premium music and with 96 challenging levels that will bring you hours of fun!


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Please, if you like the game, help me spread the word, by telling at your friends and also on Twitter and Facebook. This is my first game, and i've bet everything on it.

Thank you very much!
01-05-2012, 03:16 PM
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Game Impressions

This game is free at the moment. The desscription and the cute look of the game may mislead you into thinking this is a kid's game, but it is not. It is a very well put together physics puzzler with excellent graphics. I am really glad I decided to give it a try. Grab it today while it is still free!

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