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I'm loving the file size what is it uncompressed? Video impressions Aussies!
12-14-2011, 02:53 PM
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I hope they actually release GTA III in Lebanon. Highly doubt it since Chinatown Wars never came out for some oblivious reason.

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Only 462 MB wow... probanly close to 900 uncrompressed

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Can anyone remember the music in GTA 3? I remember the vc and sa soundtracks but cannot remember this one.

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Awesome please have icloud game saves!!!

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Originally Posted by dirttyplaya View Post
what does that mean !
It means this:


"Unzensierte" references to the UK / US version, "zensierte" references to the german version.

In short: Attacked people lay on the ground, in the german version you can't beat them when they laying, character just does some animation horizontally in the air. NO BLOOD at all No rampage modes, you can't doo headshots, head stays on, dead people leave no money behind.

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Maybe Im dumb but... Isnt this for ipad 2 only, no Ipad1 support. Im sure I read that here, but on the Australian app store it says supports Ipad 1. Can anyone clarify?
12-14-2011, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Magnum0ik View Post
Can anyone remember the music in GTA 3? I remember the vc and sa soundtracks but cannot remember this one.
GTA3 has no heavily artist soundtrack like the other games after it. Some songs are from real artists, but there is quite amount of selfmade filler material (still sounds "okay"). There are definitely no "hit" artists like in GTA Vice City or GTA4.