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App description: TOP 10 GAME OF THE YEAR. "Adorable Psychonauts-esque presentation and solid gameplay...that is also tight and arcadey" -Pocket Gamer

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Meet SLEEPY JACK, brought to you by SilverTree Media, the team behind the #1 hit game CORDY! Each night Jack dreams of his favorite toys: laser-blasting Galaxianoids, gunpowder-packed desert dwellers, electricity zapping creatures of the Deep Deep Sea and crazy Bosses! Help Sleepy Jack fly, dodge, collect, shoot, and bomb his way through 40 dazzling dream worlds in this console-quality 3D flying game! Download Sleepy Jack now, and get ready for the Game of Your DREAMS!

HOURS OF GAMEPLAY: 40 levels of fast-paced fun including 10 bonus levels and tons of replay value. Can you beat the clock, and catch every Z?!

COOL ACHIEVEMENTS: Earn badges for style. And if you like, share them with your friends on Facebook.

GAME CENTER, OPENFEINT: Play against your friends!

8 LANGUAGES: Supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Pick one of these in your phone's Settings menu.

'LIKE' Sleepy Jack at facebook.com/SleepyJackTheGame & follow SilverTree on Twitter @silvertreemedia

WANT MORE GAMES LIKE THIS? Play CORDY and CORDY SKY! "Top 10 Best Game Apps of 2011" -The New York Times. #1 App in the United States, Canada, China, Germany, France, Spain and many more! "gorgeous... compelling" -Pocket Gamer & The Guardian. FEATURED BY APPLE. "New & Noteworthy", "Staff Favorite", "Great Platformer", and "App of the Week".

PLAYERS, WE READ EVERY E-MAIL. We're a small company, but we reply to every support request. Let us try to help at sleepyjacksupport@silvertreemedia.com and we will do our best to help in any way!

AnarKitty's comments:

Much awaited new game from the makers of Cordy debuts with a 99 cent opening sale.
12-15-2011, 09:26 AM
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What an awesome surprise. No brainer!

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12-15-2011, 09:32 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
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I've been waiting for this Android import

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12-15-2011, 09:58 AM
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This snuck out....sweet

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12-15-2011, 10:03 AM

Smashing the Buy-Button

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12-15-2011, 04:05 PM
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Just picked this up. Looks really good. It got a lot of love from Apple as well. Featured really high in this week's N&N list.

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12-15-2011, 04:23 PM
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Yeah this and Wind-Up might just be my fav games of the month!

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12-16-2011, 06:54 AM
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I played this game already on my Android phone, and bought it again for my iPhone to support the dev.

This game is an absolute BLAST, it is a shame that it wasn't covered in the usual Thursday Releases post on the TA blog.

It is after GTA3 the best game from this thursday, might even be a candidate for game of the year

It is not the usual tunnel-flyer-with-obstacles, it is much more evolved. In many levels you get in each a different gameplay idea subtlety presented, this game plays as much with the tunnel genre in a so much fun way, as Word of Goo did with the physics bridge builder genre. Yes, it is that good.

Getting all stars for the minimum Z collectible amount or maximum time (you can still finish over that time, but then no "time"-star) gives high replay value, too.
12-20-2011, 04:23 AM
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^Yep totally agree above, cant believe it wasnt mentioned in the thursday round up, i missed this one until yesterday

Think this is a hidden gem, very cheap, its a great looking game, plays very well, got a control option so i use the onscreen buttons which work well.

I loved Cordy (Please check out this underated platformer) and this is a great game from the same company. Its excellent
12-20-2011, 04:27 AM
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Yeah, it's ridiculous how unnoticed Sleepy Jack is here on TouchArcade. With the sheer amount of Cordy fans on this forum, I thought we'd be seeing a whole lot of familiar faces in here. syntheticvoid...where are you? HAH?

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