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Bug Princess - Basic Scoring

12-15-2011, 04:57 PM
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Bug Princess - Basic Scoring

Having obtained top 5% rankings for both Original (#15) and Maniac (#25) scoring modes, I'm going to go into detail with as much scoring information as I can.

All modes:
Extra lives on completion give you a big score boost. This is actually going to be a massive chunk of your original mode score so a 1 life clear is very important for original mode top scoring.

Unlike the other iOS cave ports, higher difficulties actually have the potential to wield a much higher score, so go as hard as you can handle.

Some large enemies, when killed, will cancel out all bullets on screen and turn them into gems. While the score that results out of this is very small, this is worth considering when squeezing the last few numbers out of individual stage scores in original mode.

You can use this technique to kill bosses at just the right moment to maximise the end of level bonus scores you receive, but you shouldn't need to worry about this unless you're seriously struggling to raise your score.

Original Mode:
Original mode has no specific scoring hook. Killed enemies drop gems which raise your gem counter (this number only briefly appears beside your ship when you collect a gem, and is relatively hard to read).

The higher the gem counter goes, the higher your score goes. Only death will decrease it, so kill everything and dodge everything.

Bullet patterns on this mode are also relatively simple but faster, and more aimed towards you, rather than trying to smother you in a bullet curtain.

Maniac and Ultra:
Maniac and Ultra modes share the same scoring system to them.

As you fire on an enemy, your counter will rise in the top left hand corner. This will decrease when you aren't shooting an enemy, so once you have used a large enemy to build up your counter, maintain it by gradually sweeping from enemy to enemy.

Killing everything in one long go will result in you not being able to 'chain' your fire into other enemies, and you will end up losing the counter.

Similar to dodonpachi chaining but not quite...

In the arcade and ps2 versions of the game, you could perform something known as 'counter banking' by extremely liberal use of auto fire.

Without an auto fire hacked cabinet or ps2 controller, you essentially replicated it by button mashing.

The idea behind this, was that each of your separate lasers in maniac mode, had a different counter attached to it as well as the main counter for your main shot. (Parent counter and Child counter).

By rapidly tapping shot, stopping the counter for a split second and starting it again, you were able to accelerate the speed it increased, and it turned out this was much faster than just focus firing on an enemy.

This also added the child counters to the parent counter, hence the term counter banking.

I'm positive this has not been ported to the iOS version, but as this is a full port of the arcade version, it's possible this scoring mechanic is still in the game. I've sent a tweet to Cave's direction and they're looking into this for me. Woo!

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12-18-2011, 06:20 PM
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Thanks again for this, Vally!

12-18-2011, 08:02 PM
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thanks, too for this.
just a question about conter banking.
was trying to beat some of the higher scores on the leaderboard, but have absolutly no idea how to get my score that high?!
so, is it still possible to counter banking, and if so, how exactly can i make this...?
till now i just try to deaktivate/activate the shoot on larger enemies as fast as i can.
sometimes, it seems that the counter realy skyrockets, but sometimes nothing happens or i loose a life, because the touch didnt reconize my second touch and i jast stop shooting.
help and some info on how get this working would be realy great!

thanks anyways, with regards.
12-21-2011, 04:40 AM
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it is not mentioned and maybe everyone knows it, but if you stay close to enemies the counter increases faster.
12-30-2011, 12:07 AM
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Basically to get high scores you have to chain, stay close to enemies at certain times, 1-CC, and play on Hell...though I found a tiny ironic secret to getting decent scores, well, at least enough to fulfill the achievements...worked a charm as I am 1 of 9 people that have scored over 40m in Ultra...here's a tip: continue ASAP in the first stage, and then follow the instructions above...18 M in the first stage if youre good enough
12-30-2011, 12:59 AM
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This definitely is the "simplest" CAVE game? I haven't played all of them, but have read the posts on scoring. This one seems the easiest.

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12-30-2011, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by spidey View Post
This definitely is the "simplest" CAVE game? I haven't played all of them, but have read the posts on scoring. This one seems the easiest.
Yeah, the scoring mechanics for this game are relatively straightforward and definitely the simplest in an iOS CAVE game. Good game to start with...