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App description: * 94/100 "An excellent game, well designed and clearly polished to a high level. Highly recommended." - ArcadeLife

* 4.5/5 "Overall, Toxic Frog is ridiculously addicting. The music is enchanting and the graphics are charming." - Apps On Tap

* 4.5/5 "This game features sharp music, killer graphics and 30 challenging levels of lily-pad-hopping gameplay." - Crazy Mike's Apps

* 4/5 "Original tricky retro gameplay with great graphics and sounds!" - Tim Jordan, Touch Arcade Forum Moderator

Hop little frog, hop! That's what you do, you just hop everywhere. Hop hop hop! Introducing Toxic Frog from Ramble Interactive!

You're a frog, on a jungle pond. You're after fireflies, but you have to be careful about which ones you munch - jungle fireflies can be a little electrifying! A lot of skill, a little luck, and a little strategy, that's what it takes. After all, it's dangerous business being a frog on a jungle pond, pretty much everything wants to kill you. From Toxic Frogs to Marauding Jungle Owls and more, there are plenty of dangers to keep you hopping!

Easy to play and easy to pick up. Deceptively challenging and hard to put down! Toxic Frog features bright and lively graphics and intuitive game play, with one finger just tap to hop. Over 30 levels of ever increasing dangers will really challenge your inner frog. Plus, see who's hopping the best with Game Center and local high scores. It's time for some serious Firefly Munching Fun.

Are you hopping yet?

Ramble's comments:

Happy Holidays Everyone! We would like to introduce you to our new game, Toxic Frog!

Toxic Frog is a super fun and addictive arcade styled game for iPhone and IPad. You're a frog, on a jungle pond. You're after Fireflies but you have to be careful about which ones you munch. There's all kinds of dangers you will face including giant catfish, sinking lily pads, poison darts, the Marauding Jungle Owl, and of course the Toxic Frog! We hope it's a game everyone can enjoy. Bright and lively retina display graphics and easy game play make it fun for kids, with one finger you just tap to hop. At the same time, over 30 levels with really tricky ever increasing dangers make it challenging and fun for adults. It takes a lot of skill, a little strategy, and even a little luck to make a good frog! You can see who's hopping the best with OpenFeint and Game Center leaderboards plus local high scores.

There's some promo codes below. Thanks for taking the time to look at Toxic Frog, we really hope you enjoy it!
~ The Ramble Interactive Team

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Promo Codes:
12-16-2011, 06:00 PM
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Your touch arcade banner is quite cool!

12-16-2011, 06:26 PM
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Thank you TC Games!
12-16-2011, 08:17 PM
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EYRHA94JER9E taken...

thanks a lot!
12-17-2011, 01:58 AM
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My pleasure! Thanks for trying Toxic Frog!
12-17-2011, 01:57 PM
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p.s. we would love to hear any feedback you have on this our first major release

We have several other titles planned so it would be great to hear what you think about Toxic Frog!
12-19-2011, 05:07 PM
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Game Impressions

I lucked into a promo and find this a tricky original game that has such a simple core gameplay mechanic wrapped in ever increasing complexity as you work your way through the levels. To clear a level you simply need to jump on 20+ fireflies before your 60 seconds (kindly reset if you die) runs out or you run out of lives. What could be simpler? Just tap on any adjacent lillypad to hop on it and snag yourself some fireflies. Oh, but, did I forget to mention you'll get electrocuted if you hop onto a lit firefly? Don't do that.

Now let's assume after a false start or two you figure out how to grab those 20+ fireflies on the first level when not lit (as the dev said one clever trick is to jump on one the second he turns off his light...safe but time consuming to be sure), are you REALLY ready for level two? Level two introduces the game's namesake, Mr. Toxic Frog! He's hopping around the level just like you but contact with him is fatal. So now you need to keep an eye out for him while still carefully timing your firefly munching. Later on the game adds some nasty blowgunner hot on your trail from off field (you just see his menacing blowgun tracking you), sinking lillypads, catfish, and other bits of nastiness!

Good luck, you'll need it!
4/5 (original tricky retro gameplay with great graphics and sounds)

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