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App description: It's Rainin' Donuts! Take your Rocket out of mothballs, hurtle up into the air as high as you can go and plummet like a boulder towards the ground, munching as many donuts as you can!

The higher you go, the longer youll have on the way down...

But youre not some kind of genetic freak, the more donuts you eat, the fatter you get making it harder to dodge the nasty birds that are taking up your airspace.

Finally, land on the soft, feather bed to break your fall otherwise splat on the rock hard ground...and fail :(

"One of the year's most fun iPhone games!"

Here's what you'll get:

* Rocket up into the air, munching cupcakes for fuel to go higher.

* The higher you go without falling off screen, the longer you'll get to fall down.

* Hurtle through the air munching donuts, avoiding nasty birds who'll get in your way

* Land on the moving bed to successfully complete the game!

* Pick up and play - simple accelerometer controls.

* Game Center Leaderboards - Record your best efforts in single level and all time records.

5 Minute Siesta's comments:

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12-18-2011, 10:24 AM
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Game Impressions

This is a fun little game that combines a few game archetypes all into one.

Stage 1: Launch into the air as high as you can by tilting your device to snag all of the cupcakes you can to get higher and higher. The higher you get the more time you'll have in the second stage to gather your donuts, what your score will be based on.

Stage 2: Once you've failed to grab a cupcake to keep your rocket boosting you higher, you'll begin to fall. As you fall it is all about tilting your device so as to munch as many donuts as you can without hitting the birds (which will deduct some donuts from your score).

Stage 3: This final bit, while just a second of play is pretty critical. You need to catch your donut muncher in the stretcher or the whole game has been for nothing and you'll score 0 points.

So launch as high as possible, then grab all of the donuts you can once you start falling, and finally catch your muncher in the stretcher and score big!

I like it but there doesn't seem to be a lot of depth to it.


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