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Endless Stairs - SCP - 087 - NEW HORROR GAME FOR iOS

07-21-2015, 06:38 PM
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Endless Stairs - SCP - 087 - NEW HORROR GAME FOR iOS

Here is our new game.


Greetings Subject D-9087!

Your briefing is to breach SCP-087b report on your findings and bring back any relevant info on previous descends. SCP-087 is located beneath a small ranch near [REDACTED]. The doorway leading to SCP-087 is constructed of reinforced steel with an lever lock mechanism. The site has not been disguised because of the remote nature of the location. The lock mechanism will not release if [REDACTED] . The inside of the door is lined with 6 centimeters of industrial foam padding.

Due to the results of the final exploration (see Document 087-IV), no personnel are permitted access to SCP-087. This will be an unofficial visit to the site your reports will be classified on the highest level.

Remember our vow

In time, their numbers dwindled and ours rose. The world began to make more sense when there were fewer things to fear, yet the unexplained can never truly go away, as if the universe demands the absurd and impossible.

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, and we must stand up for ourselves.

While the rest of mankind dwells in the light, we must stand in the darkness to fight it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane and normal world.

We secure. We contain. We protect.
The Administrator


You can check out the SCP Foundation with this story and much more here:

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