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iPhone: Surf Prodigy (DrewFX) 1.3.0 Christmas Update

12-20-2011, 11:36 PM
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Surf Prodigy (DrewFX) 1.3.0 Christmas Update

Hey guys,

Just in time for Christmas I've made a special updated version for those Surf Prodigy owners! Grab a fresh copy if you haven't bought one yet.

I've tweaked the game quite a bit to make it easier to play and added a new level for Christmas. The level is already unlocked ready to play (no need to complete the circuit) and you get a bonus item if you complete it. So UPDATE if you have it. As for some promo codes - I'll post some soon but there's some legal issue I have to look into which I think requires you to read an agreement. So more on that soon.

What's New in Version 1.3.0

* Christmas Update - Aerial jump contest off coast of an iceberg that floated into the bay for Bonus Item you can wear. Open the map to see the iceberg.
* Dodge ice fragments.
* Enhanced controls to make it more fun to play.
* Will stand up for you if you reach the top of the wave and are still paddling.
* Only fall off on lip of wave or out too far in front when cruising at low speed.
* Snap turn on lip of wave using Lightning button.
* Pump for power on middle of wave using Lightning button.
* Better turning.
* Better calibration.
* When holding the rail it drags you into an auto-barrel ride.
* Two bonus moves added on default - one aerial grab and another barrel move.
* Auto aerial jump if you have done a bottom turn.
* Holds on lip of wave and stalls if you haven't done bottom turn.
* Extended music tracks to full length.
* Earning more money for each location so you truly can compete without a sponsor.
* Moved buttons to work more ergonomically on iPad.
* General bug fixes.

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12-21-2011, 01:49 AM
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Deleted this a long time ago, but I'm gonna take another look at this again, now that it's been updated!
12-21-2011, 03:20 AM
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I've noticed on my 4S it didn't allow me to click on Surf after I selected the iceberg level. I suggest if this happens just close down the app as it updates your save data to support the new level and bonus item.

I restored to a previous version, then updated again and the probem wasn't there, so it could just be a glitch with my phone.

By the way, the game cranks along on the 4S, so I think I'll make a reduced graphics set for the 3GS and below because when the frame rates up it's so much more fun and tight to surf.

Also the next version will add universal support and I'll start implemented the arcade mode for the locations, which is obstacles and aerial targets like the iceberg level.

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