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:eek: 80's Retro Rebirth Bounce A Lot!

12-22-2011, 03:46 PM
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:eek: 80's Retro Rebirth Bounce A Lot!



So The release will be soon. I hope on Saturday.

• App Name: Bounce A Lot!
• Company Name: SphereDF
• App Category: Games - Arcade
• Link to app store: http://bouncealotgame.com/download
• Date of release: 9 – January – 2012
• Oficial Trailer: http://bouncealotgame.com
• Price: $1 USD

My First Game. A Mexican Company. 1 Man Company.

Bounce A Lot! Is a Rebirth of a popular game from the 80’s. You need to catch people from a build on fire and bounce ‘em to the other side, right to the ambulance to save them.


16 Stages. Each World is evolving. If you complete stage 1-1 the next will have a little more elements on screen.

5 Power ups. You can use the power ups as an strategic way to complete the objectives of each level. You can equip 3 power ups per stage, adding a strategy gameplay factor.

A Final Boss: Yes, we go directly to the hell to bring you a final battle on this game :P

Challeging GamePlay: If you are casual gamer maybe you will get frustrated (just kidding, if you can play pacman, you can play bounce a lot.). Could you be able to masterize it and get an awesome record in the first session? I don’t think so…

Watch the Trailer: http://bouncealotgame.com

Some screenshots:

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12-22-2011, 05:04 PM
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Send me your feedback guys
01-05-2012, 12:48 PM
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Its really hard to get notice

Its really hard to get notice here!

Maybe im doing some thing wrong