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Crimsonheart in-game help(stuck!)

12-22-2011, 11:16 PM
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Crimsonheart in-game help(stuck!)

I'm having trouble in a certain area, the witches forest. The quest says to follow the clouds but I'm still having trouble. It's driving me crazy! If anyone can give me a hand i would appreciate it.
12-23-2011, 12:45 AM
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Oh hey! You should have asked this in the CH thread and I would have responded faster. Ok, do this:

Once in room 6, you can begin the maze.

Once in there go up and u will reach room 1.

Once in room 1, go right and u will reach room 2.

Once in room 2, go right and u will reach room 3.

Finally when u are in room 3, just go up and voila, u reach the other side!

I spent 2 hours in this maze when I was there but I wrote all the rooms down on paper and pondered a lot till I figured it out. I knew ppl were gonna ask about it here so I'm happy to help.

Cant attach pics while on ipad but if u still need it let me know then I will use my laptop to show a rough pic I drew.

If u need anymore help, dont be afraid to ask!

PS: to reach room 6 u can take a left when in room 7. To reach room 7, u can go down when in room 8 or go up when in room 12.

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