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iPod touch free memory?

12-23-2011, 02:42 AM
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iPod touch free memory?

I got a apple ipod touch 8gb 4th generation and i have 14 apps of games and am currently have 5.0gb left while my freind has the same ipod with more apps with more memory than mines and has 5.7 gb left my question is why is it that he has more?

also my freind told me to keep my ipod touch memory above 5.0gb so my ipod touch wont lag while playing games is this true?

also how low can i let my memory go in my ipod touch?
12-23-2011, 05:56 AM
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Every app use up different amounts of memory. Big games like Modern combat can take up like a gig of memory.... While other games only need 10mb. So u probly have bigger apps.

And u don't need to worry about anything with 5 gigs I only have about 200mb out of 32 gig left and I'm right at the point where I need more. I'd say with like 500 - 1g ur probly fine..

It's hard deciding witch apps u want to keep and what has to go. in the begging I was downloading everything... Tons of free things etc... Now I have to delete 5 games just to play another one... NExt time I'm getting the most gigs possible 64 (or higher if they havE it). The extra hundred will pay for itself down the line. I've probably deleted about 20$ worth of apps (I dunno probly not that much, but I could eventually). I wish I could just add on more gigs....
12-23-2011, 06:38 AM
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I did the same as you, got a 16 gig ipod touch, loved it so much i sold it to my sister and got a 64 gig one. Even now though i'm having to de-install games. All silly really as the games are backed up on itunes just i love having so many on my device !

I've got about 400 apps installed and regularly have say 400 MB left so no way would you need 5 gig free, specially when lots of people have a 16 gig iphone or ipod touch