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App description: Get into some vibrant Jump up platforming action by helping our green hero get his snacks back today! Download Fat Jump and jump into some fast paced vertical arcade action, collecting coins & food, and dodging greasy obstacles in a bid to see how high you can go!

Fat Jump is a uniquely themed platform to platform arcade adventure in the vein of classics like Doodle Jump. Playing the game is an enormously addicting yet surprising straight forward ordeal. Using tilt controls, players are challenged with guiding their hungry hero onto one platform after another as he continues on his endless journey upwards in pursuit of the Purple Monster who stole his stash of healthy snacks. Simply put: Its engaging mobile entertainment that might just teach younger users that it pays to eat healthy and stay active!

The gamers green hero jumps automatically, and its up to you to make sure he lands safely on platforms, picks up all the stray fruits, vegetables, and gold coins he comes across, and avoids fast food disasters on the way up. After all, after one too many greasy burgers our little green guy will get to fat to jump, and its game over for you!

More in depth than meets the eye, Fat Jump boasts a literally endless supply of levels, and allows players to trade in collected coins to get various upgrades that keep the game fresh in addition to giving gamers the motivation to keep jumping time and time again!

On the technical front the game features a simple well designed user interface, cartoon graphics that are sure to light up even the most jaded mobile gamers eyes, and responsive controls which allow you to put your energy into the game itself rather than on mastering convoluted gameplay mechanics.

Fat Jump is a deliciously simple good time that will have players young and old alike cheering for fruits, veggies, and all things healthy all while gaming to their hearts content!


"This App is overall amazing and I give it a 4.8/5" - Apps400.com

Nice job SID On - CrazyMikesApps.com note: 4.5/5

"Great work!- Ipad-apps-review-online.com note: 4.5/5

Fat Jump is a fine-tuned game which wasn't done on the knee provided that to release it - AntyApps.pl

Fat Jump is a reliable piece of the code - Applemania.pl

With its cartoon graphics and colorful details make this game not only a joy to play, but also a pleasure to look at - Ecoappsfree.com


Fantastic graphics
Fun sounds
Endless supply of levels to conquer
Numerous achievements to unlock
Plenty of power-ups
An in-game store with upgrades and accessories
Full integration with Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter
Online and Offline scoreboards
Full iPad compatibility

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgMI1r2jJOk

SID_On's comments:
The game, which aims to educate via entertaining is based around the concept of gathering healthy food (fruits and vegetables) scattered around the game levels while avoiding the fattening treats (cookies and various fast-food offerings). Depending on the foodstuffs eaten, the hero becomes leaner of fatter and either jumps higher or gets more ponderous and moves with difficulty. The control scheme of the new game is very intuitive and revolves around the concept of moving the phone or tablet itself.
This new application, with its climate reminiscent of Doodle Jump and Icy Tower has the definitive advantage of having a genuine educational value.
An additional feature, that makes the new offering more appealing is the possibility of purchasing additional equipment for the Green Hero, by which he is able to bet levels faster. The users who manage to collect enough coins, can help the protagonist by use of various springs, propellers, wings or rockets. The players will also find interesting the achievement list that awards certain actions and feats.


●Fantastic graphics
●Fun sounds
●Endless supply of levels to conquer
●Numerous achievements to unlock
●Plenty of power-ups
●An in-game store with upgrades and accessories
●Full integration with Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter
●Online and Offline scoreboards
●Full iPad compatibility

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgMI1r2jJOk
Link to App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/fat-jump/id472618241?mt=8
Official website: http://www.sid-on.com/FatJump/
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Youtube link | Pop Up

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Looks nice!
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Game Impressions

Pretty cute.

Sure Doodle Jumpers come a dime a dozen but this one has some cute unique gimmicks.

-Boatloads of upgradeable power-ups: You can extend your flight time from wings, how high a spring gets you, etc. While it, of course, offers you the opportunity to buy more coins via IAPs, you can easily earn enough through gameplay and achievements (when you make achievements, depending on the difficulty, the game offers you some 5-15 bonus coins). Also none of the shop items are one use thingies.

-A clever good/bad food system: Eat healthy foods for points (even more if you manage to pick-up several good foods in a row) and naughty foods that not only give you no points, they'll fatten you up (meaning you can't jump as high and wear out the platforms much quicker). Luckily eating good foods will counteract the naughty ones and bring your weight back down. Cookies and cupcakes are clearly in the bad food list but I'm not sure about hamburgers (I'm assuming the game would consider that fast food and therefore bad).

-Dual use rockets: You can shoot your limited rockets at baddies to eliminate them OR aim for your feet to give yourself a boost when no platform is nearby.

-Nice retina graphics and very intuitive/smooth tilt jumping.

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12-28-2011, 02:54 AM
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For me this game is Doodle Jump killer !
It has awesome cute graphics and is full of great thigs such as: power ups, different levels, good/bad food system and gets lots more fun than DJ...
12-28-2011, 03:26 AM
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Looks nice!
12-28-2011, 08:02 AM
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I like the physics jumping is smooth and easy. Good job with rocket jumps they are saving life when there are a lot of moving platforms
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So many ****ing shills...holy shit.

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Originally Posted by metalcasket View Post
So many ****ing shills...holy shit.
Yeah, grr. My comments were honest and unpaid but most of these other accounts were invented today with some feeble handful of posts posted in other threads so as not to be that obvious.

SID_On, please cease and desist from this practice unless you are looking to get banned yourself from the forums.

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Hey Sid_On,

Is the "More Rockets!!!" upgrade working as intended? With each upgrade I have a higher capacity in how many rockets I can carry but I still only start the game with 3 rockets. It also seems a bit odd that this upgrade doesn't increase its value with each upgrade like the others. If this is the intended function why not change the descriptive text to, "You can now carry up to X rockets." As of now it really sounds like I'll be starting the game with MORE rockets which is clearly not the case.

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