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App description: BLOCKADO - Mountain: The quest to become a puzzle mastermind continues!

The highly addictive puzzle game for casual and advanced players.
Easy to learn, but hard to master.

The goal: move the treasure chest to the exit field
The rule: blocks can only be moved lengthwise

Begin your travels into the world of BLOCKADO and search for treasures in remote mountain regions of the world.

solve 60 mind boggling puzzles
additional tricky new blocks, that extend the well known game concept
find historical treasures and learn about their exceptional background stories
unlock all 22 achievements to become a true BLOCKADO-Mountain-Master


use the iPhone camera to load additional free levels into the game
build your own levels using the Blockado editor available on http://bitfield.de/blockado/puzzlecodes


for experienced and master puzzle players
the built in puzzle solver will help you challenge even the hardest puzzle
undo or redo any of your moves

Are you clever enough to challenge BLOCKADO-Mountain?

If you manage to survive this journey you can use your advanced puzzle skills in BLOCKADO-Deep Sea, where new puzzles and treasures will await you.

Sanuku's comments:

Just a Video how the Blockado Puzzle Codes Maker work:


Yes the Game is currently Free but it won`t stay that Way.
01-01-2012, 11:37 PM
What a unique idea! I loved the original Blockado - there must be an unlock fee or something!