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Game ideas

07-01-2017, 09:51 AM
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Game ideas

What games ideas have you always wanted to see?

One I have- is based on mmorpgs, and you take down a group of mobs at a camp. All the mobs have different abilities, and you have to manage your party abilities to be able to take them down. Then the camp increases in level.

Second- a board game maker or something. Make your own board game.

Third- A game based on an old PC game I used to really enjoy. Called Pax Galaxia. Kind of a mix of risk variant.

Fourth- I'd like to see the amazing Kongregate's super house of dead ninjas come to mobile.

Fifth-a game with a shared economy. An old mmorpg I used to play, you could buy and sell items and it was quite an interesting appeal. I'm not sure any game has managed to be able to do this on mobile.

Sixth- Breakout where you can put spin on the ball. I'm going to one day have a try at making that.