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Sanuku - cost of all those gameplay vids

01-18-2012, 05:48 PM
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Sanuku - cost of all those gameplay vids


Originally Posted by JohnDeo123 View Post
Hi! I really enjoy all these videos you upload to Youtube.com.

I was wondering if these are your videos or just videos from a random website that has media about the many AppStore releases. If they aren't yours, could you please be so kind enough to give me the web address?

Also, If your wondering why I am asking you this question, the answer is quite simple. We find it strange how you usually appear in the many threads of this site that are based on the latest released game with gameplay, no matter how much the game's price value is.


If these videos are yours, then you wouldn't mind taking a screenshot of all the receipts of the games you have legally obtained from the AppStore.
It`s fine. You can ask since it isn`t a Secret. I have currently a Deal with my Boss that I can use a VPN to my Home Network and surf the hole Day on TouchArcade.com as long as my Work is done at the Evening.

At Times like today I usually even have the Freedom to left the Office for a few Hours to play all those Games, create the HD Gameplay Trailer and then return to my Work.

That sometimes leads to strange Working Hours but as long as my Work is done I can easily return to my Work back since I`m living very close to it.

About those HD Gameplay Trailers:

Yes they are created by myself to avoid any Copyright Policy. Youtube is very strict in this Case and I can tell you that a lot of People that I know since a few Years had got a lot of Troubles because of just taking other Trailers, cutting them together and uploading them.

Sure it would save me a lot of Time if I would do it the other Way around but the Result would be as shitty as it can get.

Take a look at the Video Review of Infinity Blade II at IGN . They didn`t created the Material for that Trailer on their own and that`s why the Quality and the used Screen Resolution is changing the hole Time and also the Main Hero does have in one Scene Shadows and in some Not.

That`s overall just because a few Editors are as lazy as it can get and I would kick their Ass if I would be their CEO.

Is it worth it or do I get paid for it by TouchArcade?

Let`s just do a simple Math. Take a look at today`s Bill:

As you can easily count that`s only one Day and I can assure that I have seen already Days where it been 50+. So it`s save to say that I`m spending around $200 each Month on the iTunes Store.

Yeah it does sound like it would be really a lot - $200 are $200 you have to first earn before you can spend and we all know that Money isn`t growing ont the Trees.

But there is a catch that isn`t easy to see and I will show you the little Secret:

Since I`m from Europe I don`t pay in $ I pay in €. Which might sound strange makes it actually a lot cheaper for me then anyone else ( Maybe if I would shop at the Russian iTunes Store it could be cheaper ) since those $200 are €156 and if you cut that through 4 Weeks that are each Week like €39 which isn`t that much since I`m driving currently a Car that does eat more Diesel each Week then that.

So do I regret it spending those €39 each Week? Not really. Nobody is forcing me to do so. I`m not getting paid by TouchArcade to create those HD Gameplay Trailers but I don`t see a Reason to post them at IGN/Gametrailers/SlidetoPlay were they actually have People on their Pay List that do nothing else then that the hole Day and trust me when I tell you that they are Lazy and if I could I would wipe their Ass for that laziness.

So if your Main Question was if I`m spending a lot on the iTunes Store - Hell yes I do. Do I regret it?

No, not at All. I could smoke that €39 through with some bad Shit and would have nothing then a headache the next Day. By creating those HD Gameplay Trailers at least a few Developer do have more Units sold and some of you can cry me a River how bad my Gameplay is

Originally Posted by Fimb View Post
wut? and who's asking? who are "we"?
I`m pretty sure he and his Friends had a bet running if I`m actually paying for those Games or if I am someone from Apple.

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01-19-2012, 01:04 AM
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I have to applaud you for your work. Seriously, you contribute a ton to these forums with your gameplay videos. I do have to ask though, do you ever get a chance to finish a full game with all the apps you own? I honestly can't see myself going back to any single game if I played as many games as you.

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01-19-2012, 01:16 AM
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Do you play games on any other platforms? If not, then you're not spending too much money on games. Definitely a lot iOS-wise though I guess. It's a whole different story if we're talking about the amount of time you're spending contributing to TA though. Definitely commendable. I enjoy watching your gameplay videos, and look forward to them every Wednesday morning/afternoon. It's awesome you give the community a great glimpse of what all the releases are like long before they're available, especially for us here in the US. I'd imagine it'd be hard/impossible for someone who works full time to finish even 1/10 of the games you've bought for the iOS. I spend $50-$100 monthly on just iOS games, and I'm not even able to finish 1/5 of them. In any case, I hope you enjoy doing what you do, and are not just buying games for the sole purpose of making gameplay videos for us.

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01-19-2012, 01:26 AM
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Would you mind sharing your video recording setup? how DO you do it?!!

This is something that I have been trying to figure out but keep coming up stumped.
01-19-2012, 01:33 AM
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I definitely commend you for your work as well. I really doubt that there is anyone out there that works as hard as you to put together so many gameplay videos each week for the TouchArcade community, and probably any community at all for that matter.
01-19-2012, 01:37 AM
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Applause* You've helped me decide to buy a game very often and you're really important to this forum, thanks for your work around here

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01-19-2012, 01:46 AM
*more applause* Thanks for all your efforts on the game-play vids Sanuku. It's always great to see the newest games so clearly. You're awesome!

01-19-2012, 09:38 AM
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I gave you a shout out on my recent SOPA thread ^.^


Originally Posted by HelperMonkey View Post
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Liberals hate conservatives because they think that they're stupid.
01-19-2012, 10:37 AM
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Some maniac is currently in the process of spamming the front page comments with threats about how he will post every 5 minutes until Sanuku is brought to justice!!!

Someone call the internet police.
01-19-2012, 10:48 AM
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I always assumed Sanuku got promo codes for all the games he posts videos of. He is doing the developers a service and they should be happy to help him in that way. Perhaps Touch Arcade could facilitate that (Hodapp)?

In any case, thanks so much Sanuku! You are part of what makes these forums great!

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