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App description: *** Please allow Life is Magic to use your location - required for optimal Gameplay experience***

The location-based fantasy MMO that transforms the real world around you into a land of magic, dungeons, and treasure.

Team up with friends to battle Titans, capture magic towers, and steal tons of loot or battle real players for pride and profit.

Follow the mighty wizard Isambard as he guides you on your quest to exert influence over the neighborhoods around you. Travel across America to find new treasure, spells, and weaponry before using it to beat the stuffing out of bigger and uglier monsters.

What the Press says about Life is Magic:

"Life is Magic, from the creators of Life is Crime, is taking [the] location-based MMO and turning it up to 11." - Massively

"Life is Magic is location-based iOS gaming like you've never seen before." - Cult of Mac

Life is Magic FEATURES:

- Compete with other players where you live to claim Magic Towers as your own
- Control multiple characters, and experience the power of the Mage, Monk, and Machinist
- Compete against real players for real locations!
- Fight against other players and win fame, glory, and in-game prizes (sponsored by Red Robot Labs, see below for official rules)
- Explore deep dungeons all over the world to grow stronger and find rare equipment
- Real locations and places transformed into a magical, fantasy world
- Persistent global world
- Search for and unlock new treasures
- Buy powerful new spells
- Invite friends or foes to your party and become world renowned
- Find and chat with new players by location
- 4 Million+ locations to compete for
- Virtually infinite number of weapons and gear to find and use
- 100 Quests to complete!
- Game Center integrated, earn up to 50 achievements!
- Friend invite system with twitter & facebook
- Send and receive daily free gifts
- Discover new players where you live

PvP contest rules: Players will be awarded in-game currency and items for earning victory points. No physical goods will be rewarded, and the contest is sponsored by Red Robot Labs. Apple does not sponsor in-game contests and no Apple products will be awarded as prizes.
12-30-2012, 12:59 PM
is there anyway to delete the character? i tried uninstalling the app but everytime i re-install it just keeps my same character
01-01-2013, 10:04 AM
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Game Impressions

Not really any conversation going on here, but I tried it out and figured I may as well post something for anyone that gets curious.

I like location based games in concept. Just like I like freemium games in concept, and therefore location based freemium games interest me. Sadly, unlike general freemium games, no one seems to have nailed location based freemium games yet. Nimblebit's games are great examples of quality free games in the general, and such games are the ones I decide to spend on. Not because I have to in order to enjoy the game to its fullest, but because I like the game and would have happily paid for it.

Now that my general opinion is out there, how does this game stack up?

First, the good. The game runs pretty smooth and the core mechanics are nice. There's an obvious air of early release, and a feeling that more will be added with time. The game has a fairly slow start, but it isn't bad. It doesn't try to hide its nature, you're aware quite early on that you will run out of energy fairly quickly and then need to find something else to occupy your time. But it's not a bad way to spend a couple minutes.

The combat is smooth and interesting. And it no doubt becomes more compelling as you reach higher levels, form parties and tackle higher level dungeons. There will be plenty of times where you have to swallow your pride and turn back, lest you go into the next room only to die and lose all your spoils. You'll quickly learn your limits, and it makes getting through that next room satisfying.

You equip a set of spell cards which you use in battle. Some spells will generate or cost mana. As a monk, my early spells could be chained together as combos. First a wind based attack, generating one wind mana, then a water based attack which costs one wind and generates a water. Using the drunken fist spell while having some water in the mana pool would consume the water mana for some extra damage. Later I got a combo finisher which would allow me to end a combo by spending one water for a heal - this was pretty nifty.

Levels feel slow quickly, but the benefits of going up a single level are noticeable. I didn't make it especially far, only to level 6, but I didn't find it a problem to that point.

Now for the shortcomings, which for some may not be and issue - Crystals. Crystals are the premium currency in the game. You will need them if you want to recharge your mana without waiting or if you wish to purchase a decent variety of spells. The latter is why I decided to leave the game behind.

Of the spell cards available to the monk, only three in the shop were purchasable with coin. You receive some spells via level up, though I'm not sure how many. But the majority of spells cost 8+ crystals each. 50 crystals will run you $5. So, if you want a variety of available moves, you're going to have to spend.

Now, if you're interested, and don't mind possibly investing a few bucks for spells in a game of this type, I recommend giving it a try. And then if you like it and want to stick with it you could purchase a few crystals. If you aren't so fond of it, it's not like you lost anything but some time. I don't feel bitter, and I'm not dropping the game out of disgust - it's just not for me.

I really feel like there are freemium concepts that could be tweaked and turned into great paid games. This game's battle system with some added depth and perhaps a more concrete concept than a location based turf war could be nice. With more generous gold/xp and removal of energy and premium currency, of course.