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  • Publisher: Tharle Games
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 16.2 MB
  • Version: 2.0
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating: 1.5 (2)
App description: New innovative game will keep you engaged for a longer time in the game. and we are sure you come back again and again to play this. Kids, Adults and Old age people love this game very much. Its for everybody.

Make 3 or more jellies of same kind link together, so they will vanish away. You should keep board empty for at least one move to be possible on the game to continue.

Game play:
4 modes
Rush, Kids, Extreme and Crazy
Each mode comes with its own increased challenges.

You can move jellies by swiping on any 4 directions (top, down, left and right). You need to keep in mind how to move jellies so you can get bigger advantage of eliminating more and more jellies and plan for next moves.
Game starts with empty outer source ring, as source ring fills up artificial intelligence comes into picture to start moving jellies automatically. So be fast enough to think and move as fast as possible.

3 cheats available
Cheat 1: Removes any 1 row and 1 column of jellies
Cheat 2: Removes any 3 rows and 3 columns of jellies
Pause Cheat: Pause artificial intelligence and stop automatic movement of jellies so you get enough time to eliminate jellies and make board empty again.

Leaderboard implemented using GameCenter to list names and their score who will score more.

score = Number of jellies collected + if more than 3 multiply rest with 20 + if more than 4 multiply rest with 40

Game Over
Game ends when all cells are filled with jellies and no more moves are possible.

tharlegames's comments:
Hi Apple game fans,

We are happy to announce the release our game “Jelly Links for iPhone”. The game is available on Appstore for Free.

Game Trailer:
Youtube link | Pop Up

This innovative game is similar to any match 3 game available but with a twist and a lot of surprises. The game aim is to match 3 or more similar blocks and make them disappear. You can move jellies by swiping on any 4 directions (top, down, left and right). You need to keep in mind how to move the jellies so that you get more opportunity to eliminate more number of blocks and plan for the next moves.

A word of caution: Game ends when all the cells are filled up with jellies and with no moves available.

What’s more.... Check out the game on Appstore and download it for Free today. This game is fun for all age group.

Have a fun time!!!
01-19-2012, 10:45 AM
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Game Impressions

The game has some interesting mechanics but is BAD example of Freemium (as if it will only be free for a limited time, ha).

EVERYTHING in the game is a separate IAP charge.

Want some cheats (on call power-ups) buy them as you can never win or find them in-game.

Want to try another mode like Extreme, Crazy, or Kid? Buy them at $1.99 a pop with no group bundle option. Even better, curious what these other modes add or are about, tough, pay your money and find out (for all I know they might just be alternative skins).

Want to remove the ads? You guessed it, yet another IAP purchase (so evidently buying the other modes or cheats won't do this automatically).

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01-19-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
…BAD example of Freemium…
And because most (by far) of the apps with IAPs are such BAD examples they have discredited the whole IAP system. I know a lot of people who principally SKIP ANY apps with IAPs without even trying to find out if they are good or bad IAPs.

So Apple and devs should find another system against piracy and sell straight full versions like before the invention of IAPs was spread like an epidemic plague in iOS App Store.

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