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App description: Collect hidden Stars by finding them in bright and color backgrounds! A Real Life seek and find game with photographed backgrounds. Additional levels are already being developed and will be added frequently. This is a game that keeps on giving.
01-25-2012, 02:16 PM
Joined: Nov 2011
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I thought I'd post here and ask for some advice...

I got a promo code for this game and played it, and while I did enjoy what was there, it was an incredibly short experience... 5 minutes. Tops.

Now I realize that I have great pattern-matching skills, and that explains part of my speed, but I'm just not too sure what to say or how to rate this game!

If you asked me flat-out, I'd have to categorize this game as more in the "loving creation" artistic-type thing than an outright game. I think it would make a great game for very young children. Especially with more pictures that focused on toy stores or other child-centric environments. This reminds me of some of the activity books I used to get as a young child, but it's way too simplistic for adults.

Now I will keep the app around, and I will go back to it from time to time for a zen-like experience. For myself, I'd class this in the same category as Eric Loyer's Strange Rain, or Tale of Tales' Vanitas. It's more of an activity to enjoy as a zen-filled experience rather than a game.

So I've been avoiding reviewing or rating this, because I'm not sure what to say or how to interpret what I've said to a proper App Store rating...

Thoughts, anyone?
01-25-2012, 11:00 PM
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That's great! I really appreciate the feedback. I had several people testing the game and I specifically asked them if the levels seemed to easy. They weren't too concerned about the difficulty level. They agreed with you though that it seemed a little short. Keep in mind that you are viewing the first release of the app. There are place holders for additional levels. I plan to add 5 levels every two weeks. This of course depends on Apple approve time frame. Generally that has been about a week and a half though. That's not an excuse for being a short app but I thought it was within .99 expectations. I could probably bump up the difficulty on the levels that I add though.

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