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iPad: Bubble Jam ! Voice Leading GAME.. First on App Store

01-23-2012, 03:43 PM
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Bubble Jam XL! Voice Leading GAME.. First on App Store


Pop! Pop! Pop!

It's unique and only in the AppStore.

-BubbleJam, with its visual and audible redirections, is an interactive game where you can have a great time playing.
-You’ll not notice how much time you spend when you start to play this game addictly.
-Try to pop the red, blue, green, yellow, pink and orange bubbles without losing time. Pop the bubbles and win extra time and points with the combos.
-Choose one of our five different modes: survival mode - combo mode - percent mode – random mode - baby mode and enjoy the game.

[COLOR="rgb(0, 191, 255)"]Attention, please, to audio-visual effects, all-in-one. You will be addicted to this ‘voice-leading game’, Bubble Jam.[/color]

You will definitely get addicted to the game.


SURVIVAL MODE - Watch your HP.

* You start the game with 5 lives. You lose a life each time you pop a wrong bubble.

* Pop the colors by following the voice command, you will lose a point for each missed bubble.

* Explode the bubbles consecutively and win combo points.

* Don’t forget to pop the extra-points too.

* When you pop the "Free-bubble" hurry up and pop all the colored bubbles before your time is up. Make as many combos as you can and higher your score.

* Try to make the best score before you run out of HP.


COMBO MODE - Fill the tubes.

* You`ll be racing against time.

* Try to pop the colors directed by the voice and fill the tubes.

* Each time you pop the wrong bubble, the tube will reset itself.

* Earn extra time from the bubbles with a clock on them.

* Win combo points with the follow up shots.


PERCENT MODE - Percentage?

* Gives the percentage of the bubbles that you popped and that you couldn’t.

* Pop the bubbles that the voice leads you.

* Wrong bubble will give you %1 penalty.

* Win an extra time by continuingly exploding the bubbles.


RANDOM MODE - Which one?!

* If you can’t decide what mode you want to play because you like to play all of them, this mode is just right for you.

* Bubble jam makes the choice for you.


BABY MODE - Enjoy and learn.

* The bubbles move slowly.

* The main point is to explode the slowly moving bubbles by following the voice command.

* It helps to improve your child`s motor skills. It leads to control your children’s hand-eye movement coordination and improves their skills.

* It increases the length of concentration ability time with the easily distracted kids and adults.

* It helps to strengthen children`s audio command response perception and ability.

With the help of the sound commands children will be able to learn colors in a fun way.


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