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App description: Classic turn based strategy for iOS.

The land is in turmoil. Choose one of 4 characters (the Duke, the Prince, the Earl or the Baron) and try to conquer the kingdom. Playing against up to 4 unique computer opponents (including the non aligned Scoundrel) or humans via hot seat: your decisions will determine the fate of the kingdom. Battle across randomly generated hex maps, manage your economy, build and upgrade castles and recruit and level custom units to secure your divine right of kingship the old fashioned way- through force of arms!

Gameplay includes:

- Fog of war with three visibility states- unexplored, explored but out of view and visible
- recruit units by choosing from various armor levels and weapons and if the unit will be mounted or foot
- unit ratings include attack, armor, movement and to hit all of which can be increased as desired when the unit gains levels
- units have a hidden view range value determining visible tiles from their current location, driven by their movement range
- units are purchased with gold, reduce castle population slightly and require ongoing war material each turn
- Castle upgrades can be purchased with gold, which increases their max population as well as their defensive stats, visibility range and focus skills
- Castle focus allows you to customize your kingdom by having castles specialize in food, materials, gold or elite military units for increasing benefits as upgrade the castle
- Castles are the center of the economy, producing population, war material and gold as well as recruiting units and healing nearby friendly units
- Recruiting and healing do not occur if the castle is under siege by having an enemy unit adjacent, and the siege will reduce health of the castle
- Forest and hill terrains provide defensive advantages and increased movement cost
- Attacking from multiple sides increases the chance of an enemy retreat/ surrender
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Downloading; looks promising... will report impressions.

01-24-2012, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by undeadcow View Post
Downloading; looks promising... will report impressions.
Looking forward to your impressions. Can you please let me know if the random map sizes are adjustable as an option? (i.e. small or large, etc.)

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Game Impressions

Divine Right is missing a lot of detail present in other iOS turn based strategy games and it's marred by an awkward navagation scheme but it's got a limited pick-up-and-play simplicity, similar to chess with a definite board game feel, that might appeal to some. I'd advise passing.

There's no plot or campaign more and only the option of playing against 1 opponent, AI (varying difficulty) or hotseat multiplayer. There are two flag color "teams" to select from and a stats section (similar to app description screenshot 5) that tracks play under either flag but it is not clear if/how they differ. To navagate the world map Divine Right requires you swipe away from the direction you want to go when it seems like most game/app functions do the opposite so I'm still getting use to navagation, which feels inverted. Player starts with one castle that generates gold, population, and material. The castle is upgradable, which presumably effects output. Divine Right lacks detailed castle customization and output tweaking, instead there is a series of 3 slider bars you can adjust to trade-off one for the other (seen in app description screenshot 2). Castles can not directly be defended other than to station units on it's surrounding hexes. Based on resources you can recruit units from each castle. The unit creation is wonderful. You can virtually customize every aspect of the unit specifying intensity of head, chest, legs, hands, and shield armor along weapon type or option of accompanying work crew (to build new cities) or mounted type (app description screenshot 3). Each unit tweak costs resources. The hex movement is fairly smooth save for the awkward map navagation. To fight enemies you need only select the hex they are standing on and the units will bump producing an outcome. On medium the difficulty has seemed steep with the enemy throwing multiple mounted armored units beyond what I've been able to afford my way (but this may be a result of my learning curve or lack of finess). Aside from enemy AI difficulty there's not much to the game so it's somewhat good that it feels mysterious and overpowering but it feels like the AI has definitive advantages not afforded the player.

Originally Posted by Marcus70 View Post
...Can you please let me know if the random map sizes are adjustable as an option? (i.e. small or large, etc.)
There is no option to adjust map size. Only a "current" and "random" option. I assume maps are randomly generated but you have the option of replaying the previous set-up by selecting "current" (?).

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01-25-2012, 12:45 PM
Hi all

Undeadcow, thanks for posting your impressions.

I am the developer of the game, and I think they are fair - although I would not advise passing on the game ;-).

We have plans to add multiplayer via gamecenter in the upcoming months, and I think this will add a lot of value to the game which you might currently consider missing since it only has random battles. Playing against a human is a lot of fun but hotseat is not always an option. I am considering adding a campaign as well, but current multiplayer is a higher priority.

In terms of economy, it is driven by your population which, in turn, is capped by the size of your castle. For instance, the smallest mott and bailey caps your population at 50, so you can only assign that number of workers to produce food, material and gold. The larger the population, the more workers and so the more production. Of course, rather than upgrading, you can also settle new castles.

As far as castle defense goes, castle's inherit the statistics (minus movement and visibility) of the unit which settles the castle. This means that if you settle it with a heavy armor unit armed with a longsword, that is what will be defending your castle. As the castle gains levels or is upgraded, its defensive stats will also improve. This leaves you the option to build cheap (unarmored and poorly armed) units to build castles or pay more but end up with a more defensible castle. Additionally, should you arm your settling unit with longbows, they will inherit the increased range of the longbow, and so will provide defensive fire for adjacent units which are attacked.

Our AI does not cheat (it knows nothing more than you would know in the same position)but it gets more starting gold then you at the medium and hard difficulty level (200 and 500 versus your 100). Of course, due to the maintenance requirements of units, this does not translate to a few hard units and a broken economy. Instead, the computer determines what to do based on its current status but normally it translates to faster economic growth which quickly turns into a tactical advantage. Primarily, however, the AI is best at ensuring the economies of all the castles are running smoothly, which puts it in a position to build more units than a human generally would.

Regarding board size, there is only one size at the moment, but you can randomize the map itself. After we get multiplayer in, I will look into the viability of allowing custom map sizes. To answer the confusion of current or random, current keeps whichever map you are playing now while random generates a new one for you when you choose to start a new game.

Finally, if you get a chance, try to game on the iPad. Its larger display allows one to see a lot more of the map which makes the game feel less confined.

Thanks again for buying the game, trying it out and passing on your feedback. I am sorry you would not recommend it, as I think it is a great game to play when you have some extra time and want some strategy. When multiplayer is added, I think it will be even more fun, as nothing is better than playing against your friends.

Happy gaming


01-25-2012, 01:01 PM
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Glad to see the developer's input, multiplayer would be a nice touch and a single player campaign would propell the app. Divine Right has promising mechanics and with more content or a lower price point would be an easier to recommend game.

Any possibility of an option to customize the swipe to explore mechanics?

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01-25-2012, 01:22 PM
Hey wait a minute... is this the same game as Glenn and Kenneth Rahman's 1979 board game 'Divine Right'?


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01-25-2012, 01:25 PM
Hi again

I just figured out what you mean with the navigation issue -unfortunately it is easy to get too close to a program and miss the obvious :-(...

I actually do not have multi touch enabled in the game at all, so the swipe you are using appears to simply be passing the last touch which moves the map the opposite direction you want to go. As it stands, the easiest/best way to explore around the screen is just touch the hex area where you want to go, and the map will move towards it. So, if you want to see further up on the map, just click somewhere above where you are and the map will move. Hopefully being able to navigate the map successfully will make the game a little more fun :-)

In retrospect, this does not seem like a great design decision as I really am not taking advantage of a cool iOS feature everyone uses. Unfortunately, I am not sure how much work it would take to implement, as it probably will have an impact on all of my touch capture and could be a real mess. I will add it to the list to investigate after GameCenter support is implemented.

Thanks again for the feedback, it is always welcome and will help me design and build better games in the future!

01-25-2012, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by funambulist View Post
Hey wait a minute... is this the same game as Glenn and Kenneth Rahman's 1979 board game 'Divine Right'?

No it is not, although that game looks pretty cool. Have you ever played it?

01-25-2012, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by Marcus70 View Post
Looking forward to your impressions. Can you please let me know if the random map sizes are adjustable as an option? (i.e. small or large, etc.)
Hi Marcus

I just added the option to play on different sized maps (random and default). I need to do some more regression testing but, if all goes well, I should submit it to Apple tomorrow and it should be up in a week or two. The player will have the option of 10x10, 20X20 (current size), 30x30 and 40x40 (all sizes in hexes). Although it does not make up for the lack of campaign, it should add some more spice until I can get multi player in. I tried 60x60, but the AI turns were taking too long on older equipment and I wanted to get something out quickly rather than re-optimizing code :-)

Happy gaming.