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App description: Deforestation is killing trees and animal habitats. Animals must leave the forest in order to survive, but human will lost their friends forever. The animals cute neighbors Nick and Qiqi have decided to help them out by picking fruits to feed them. The animals will return to the forest once theyre full.

Lets help Nick and Qiqi to feed the animals!

Much up is a game that is aimed to raise environmental awareness. To achieve the goal, you must make good use of the different types of fruits, mushrooms and water. And beware of the poisonous mushrooms!

With 80 different levels of challenges waiting for you.

The fun begins. In the 4 chapters, you must feed the animals and make them return to the forest. Each chapter has 20 challenging levels.

Lets introduce Nick and Qiqi.

As you begin the game, Nick and the animal stories will also begin. Nick has a kind heart. He doesnt want the animals to lose their homes. You will also get to Qiqi, who will help Nick to pick fruits. The beautiful graphics will make you understand the importance of environmental protection.

You will help the animals with the help of the shiny gemstones, 4 power cards and many little bubbles.

Collecting the gemstones will give you many opportunities to throw out food to the animals. You can also use of the cards with magic trees, horn and power up to help out more animals.

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01-30-2012, 01:51 AM
The creator of this thread has been using multiple fake accounts to post messages about this game.

Those accounts have been banned and the posts deleted.

If you are a developer, please don't do this. It just makes your game look bad.


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