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App description: The best new fast paced wack em game for kids and the whole family - from Square Egg Games and NeonBlue Games.

"While Finger Puppet Frenzy is clearly aimed at younger kids, the addictive game play and high range of difficulty levels make it fun for kids and adults alike." -- TheIndieMine

"Beautifully designed and very cute. Your kids will love it!" -- Elly Hart, Gizmodo Australia

HAPPY HARRY NEEDS YOUR HELP! The harmony of Harry and his band of puppet friends is at stake. Angry Aaron, a very mean puppet, is on a mission to turn their smiling faces into sad frowns. The only way you can save Harry and his friends is to hide them from Aaron.

By tapping on the happy puppets as quickly as possible and avoiding the mean, red faced Aaron, youll keep all the happy puppets safe.

Along the way youll earn points for each one you save. Youll also encounter special puppets that will both help and hinder your success on this adventure. Good luck!

The Game
Finger Puppet Frenzy centers around a range of colorful puppet characters that pop in and out of the screen, the challenge being to tap the good characters while avoiding the bad ones.

The game progresses quickly, posing a challenge to even the most experienced casual gamers. Youll be drawn back to achieve higher scores and to gather all the special and rare puppets that are hidden throughout the game.

The Features
Great game for ALL ages seeking a time filler (you could become obsessed)
Fantastic colourful graphics and sounds
3 game difficulty levels
Easy to learn touch screen controls
Tests your tap co-ordination and endurance
The rare characters are limited in the free version
Resume game support

The Requirements
iOS 4.1 or higher, iPhone 4 and up, iPad 1, 2 and 3

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renelemerle's comments:
We've just released our new iPhone/iPad game - Finger Puppet Frenzy.

It might looked like it's just for kids, but it seems "bigger kids" are getting hooked.

It's a simple wack em' game with the challenge being to collect all the Rare Puppets and post the highest score. Simple eh? See how far you get before Angry Aaron seals your fate.

Free Version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/finger-puppet-frenzy-free/id496214331?mt=8
Paid Version: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/finger-puppet-frenzy/id496209384?mt=8

More Info:
Twitter:@squareegggames and @neonbluegames
Facebook: squareegggames
Website: http://www.squareegggames.com/finger-puppet-frenzy
01-31-2012, 06:37 PM